Day Spa Review: Dermalogica Power Active Facial @ Revive Day Spa, Mount Hawthorn, Perth.

I was recently treated to an ultra-luxe facial by the lovely ladies at Revive Day Spa in Mount Hawthorn, using the crème de la crème of Dermalogica products matched specifically to my skin concerns.

I arrived a bit early and chilled out with a herbal tea in Revive’s lounge area before my therapist, Kelly, came to collect me.

♥ Revive Day Spa Foyer

Revive is super clean and sanitary, without feeling hospital-like. There was just the right amount of pretty scent perfuming the room and the music was at a good volume with a playlist of easy-listening tunes. Hey, first impressions are important!!

I explained to Kelly that I had easily upset combination skin. I also had a ton of breakouts around my chin and cheeks that I wanted to magically erase. She took a closer look at my skin under a magnifying glass and suggested I try Dermalogica’s UltraCalming range along with products from the AGE smart range to gently resurface my skin and balance its pH levels.

♥ Dermalogica Products

My facial started with a gentle steam to open up my pores. The AGE smart MultiVitamin Thermofoliant, a heat-activated exfoliant with salicylic acid, was then applied to gently dissolve dead skin cells. I could feel a bit of tingling around the more sensitive areas of my face, but it wasn’t uncomfortable and if anything, a sure sign the product was doing its thing!

The UltraCalming Cleanser was very gentle and followed by the MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque, which gave my skin a generous helping of antioxidants to boost its tone and re-hydrate the drier areas of my face. I was delighted when Kelly asked me if I would mind if she gave me a hand and foot massage while the masque was on – it was so relaxing that I very nearly fell asleep.

After a spritz of the UltraCalming Mist to calm my redness and sensitivity, Kelly massaged the UltraCalming Serum Concentrate into my skin. The serum is said to work below the surface to help minimise irritation.

Finally, my skin was re-hydrated with the UltraCalming Ultra Sensitive Tint spf30 to protect my skin from the bright sun outside while providing some light coverage. My eye area is quite dry, so Kelly used the very moisturising AGE Smart Multivitamin Power Firm eye cream.

I was left to unwind and come ever-so-close to falling asleep again, before getting ready to face the real world with a brand new, glowing complexion!

Kelly explained that I’d see some more break-outs in the coming days due to the products she’d used drawing out the impurities. She was spot on (pun intended) and my skin did purge for about a week, but I’ve seen a huge improvement since then. This is also thanks to some Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel samples Kelly gave me. The product works wonders in reducing redness and making the recovery process quick when break-outs strike and went straight onto my Christmas wish list after only two uses!

Overall, the facial provided me with a great idea of which Dermalogica products work well with my skin and the team at Revive were incredibly informative about what each product was designed to do. While I haven’t got the budget to overhaul my entire skincare routine with Dermalogica products, the Revive ladies were very helpful in explaining which products would make the most difference in my current routine.

Reviewed by Gemma Clark, a pale, sensitive and fair-haired skincare junkie.

Be well,


Day Spa Review: Waitaha Day Spa, Hillarys, Perth (Including Vichy Shower Review).

Imagine the feeling of complete relaxation after a yoga class, the happiness felt as you eat a piece of your favourite dark chocolate (and knowing there is a whole block left), and the feeling of contentment after you’ve given your best friend an amazingly thoughtful birthday present she loved.

Combine these emotions and you will feel like I did as I left Waitaha Day Spa after my Body Renewal and Skin Rescue Massage spa treatments. Being pampered at this beautiful day spa was a blissful two hours and something my body, mind and soul would definitely recommend – it truly is the ultimate relaxation experience.

After weaving my way along the sparkling coast up to Hillary’s I arrived at Waitaha and was introduced to Clare who was my beauty therapist for the afternoon. The absolutely lovely and knowledgeable Clare led me to the relaxation room, where my feet were treated to a nourishing foot massage and soak.

I then entered the romantically lit treatment room for the Body Renewal Treatment, which instantly relaxed me with its soothing music and fresh aromas. This pampering treat included a scrub, wrap, steam and Vichy Shower in the hydrospa.

♥ Me, excited before the treatments begun!

Clare’s gentle hands first exfoliated me with a delicious coconut, salt, orange and lime exfoliant (good enough to eat!) which was then gently washed off and the green coffee wrap began. This wrap stimulates your body’s ability to break down fat, increases the metabolism and eliminates water retention.

I would recommend this treatment to all ladies (and men) who are wanting to get their body back to last summers toned and smooth glory, or just wanting to start the process of losing winter’s hearty meals and yummy cakes.

The top of the hydrospa (the big space-like contraption) was then lowered, and I experienced a nice warm steam – which aided in the wrap being absorbed to work it’s magic. At the same time I also received an Argan Oil hair treatment and head massage (it smelt and felt amazing – an incredible experience). After 20 minutes, the Vichy Shower began! Water jets rained warm water from the roof of the hydrospa and washed the wrap from my body – pure luxury!

♥ A pile of fresh towels is one of the more blissful things in the world!

After I’d dried off and popped on my white robe and slippers on (have I mentioned how luxurious this was yet?) I moved into another treatment room for my Skin Rescue Massage. This started with a full Body Brush which has plentiful benefits, including; exfoliating the skin, stimulating cellular turnover and boosting lymphatic drainage (these magic brushes are sold at Waitaha for $20). The full body massage was just what my body needed, Clare worked out some knots in my back and massaged hydro-oil deep into every part of my legs, torso and arms. Perfection. The hydro-oil is so nourishing and contains jojoba oil to deeply hydrate the skin and doesn’t stain clothes which was good news for the new knit I’d worn into the spa!

During this time of massage zen and relaxation, Clare also treated me to a Pevonia Enzymospherides Peeling cream. Smelling of summer, the pineapple and papaya enzymes in the cream are activated and remove impurities.

Last was a Pevonia Lumafirm Lift and Glow Mask which Clare let me know (I had to reconfirm later because I was in such a happy and dream-like state) that this mask renders skin ultra-luminous with a firmer, tighter and more youthful defined appearance. It’s highly recommended for aging skin or for ladies who are seeking an instant repair boost for a special day, or because they simply deserve it!

♥ The ring!

Last year on my birthday I got engaged and did not think a birthday could ever be topped by that moment. This year on my birthday I was exfoliated, wrapped, massaged, showered from head to toe at Waitaha Day Spa and while this didn’t quite top my handsome boy’s words and my emerald engagement ring, it came pretty darn close!

Whether you’re looking for a bit of love and attention coming into summer, or want to buy a thoughtful gift for your mum or a beloved friend, I’m a firm believer that Waitaha Day Spa should definitely be at the top of your list.

t: 08 9403 3633

Shop 15, Hillarys Shopping Centre
110 Flinders Avenue
Western Australia

Have you been to Waitaha before? What are your favourite spas in Perth? Lets chat in the comments below!

Reviewed by very relaxed and smooth skinned Jade!

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Giveaway Time: $100 Gift Voucher from Vanity Box Skin Couture!

Fancy being pampered from head to toe in the absolutely stunning room above? Thanks to Vanity Box Skin Couture, this dream could soon be a reality!

Deluxe. Opulent. Bliss-inducing. All words that describe a trip to Vanity Box, and one very lucky Wellness WA reader will be heading there with a $100 gift voucher in hand to experience the treats of your choosing.

The beautiful (inside and out) owner Suzey will provide our winner with a stunning experience, no matter what you decide to choose! Take a look at the recommendations page to see what’s available!

My top picks are:

♥ Eyebrow Transformation – $46
♥ Deluxe waxing of your choosing – various prices
♥ Vanity Box Deep Tissue Massage – $70 for 30 minutes
♥ CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals Lunchtime Yoga Facial – 30 minutes $110

I can guarantee that this is a competition you don’t want to miss out on!

To be in with a chance to win, make sure you like Wellness WA on Facebook or Twitter and leave a short & sweet comment with why you’d like to win!

Winner will be chosen at random via on the 15th of October! Looking forward to reading your entries 🙂 Good luck!!! X

For more information about Suzey’s wellbeing routine – click here.
For my full review of Vanity Box Skin Couture – click here!

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Pregnancy Massage Review: Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Day Spa in Leederville, by Sarah Devlin.

One of my Chrissie presents from my extremely thoughtful/obedient husband was a 1 hour pregnancy massage. It was at Yummy Mummy Day Spa in Perth;

I was looking forward to it for weeks and especially because they have the special bed with the gigantic hole for the belly so you get to lie on your stomach. I have been doing the same thing on the beach by digging a hole for my belly and boobs for a bit of sun and relaxation. To add the massage aspect also was too exciting.

It was magical. The therapist was super friendly, skilled and very attentive. I was asked to tell her exactly what I wanted to have extra time on- upper back, pecs, and feet!! I wouldn’t say she was a sports masseuse and she wasn’t working hard to get rid of trigger points or anything like that, but it was very relaxing. A very deep massage probably isn’t the best for pregnancy anyway and I was happy with the pressure.

The bed itself was really comfy. I was told that a few women’s bellies don’t fit into the hole and I was crossing my fingers I would as I really didn’t want to have to lay on my side (like every night for the last 7 months!!). I have a super long body and just barely fit in. My boobs were not in the hole, so I put an extra pillow under my DD’s to reduce the tenderness of them. I was happy on my back too, inclined for a tiny belly rub and some brilliant time spent on my poor feet.

They served some yummy tea afterwards, and the whole experience was lovely. I know a lot of spa’s offer pregnancy massage, but I would definitely recommend one where they have the special beds and trained therapists for peace of mind and ultimate relaxation!!

Another awesome result was revealed when I went to a pilates class the next day and my colleague said that my chest, neck and shoulders were very relaxed and settled when I was doing upper body exercises. This was great news as I have been ultra tense and unable to broaden and open as easily due to the extra weight everywhere.

I have booked in for my second massage as a birthday treat and cannot wait.

Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Day Spa
253 Oxford Street
Leederville WA 6007
Ph: 08 9201 1077

Have you had a pregnancy massage before? If you’ve never been pregnant, do you know someone who is who could use something like this?

Review by Sarah Devlin, personal trainer & mama to be.

Be well,


Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Day Spa for One, Coconut Oil, Palm Beach Candles!

1. Retreat for One

I’d previously experienced the Bodhi J Retreat for One and been pretty enamoured with it, so much that it has become my ‘go to’ for when I want to reward myself, which I did last week. At $125 for a half hour mud spa bath with champagne, fruit & mini choc, then a full body aromatherapy massage finished with herbal tea and more fruit, it’s an indulgence that I keep coming back to again and again!

2. Ethically Harvested Lavender Oil

After being sent this product to try a little while ago, I haven’t been able to stop using it in my favourite way, which is to put a couple of drops onto my pillowcase about 20 minutes before I go to bed. This is probably not the best thing for my pillowcase, but it is definitely good for me! I love falling asleep surrounded by the soft scent of lavender.

And just what does ethically harvested mean?

“This denotes sustainable cultivation. An ethically harvested essential oil is derived from a herb, shrub or tree that is not harvested so aggressively that the species becomes depleted.”

I think that’s pretty cool.

♥ This is what coconut oil looks like when it’s not summer!

3. Coconut Oil

After hearing various friends raving about coconut oil, I was finally pushed over the edge by my naturopath Brooke, who said that it would be great for me and that she likes to eat it from the spoon. SOLD.

And so lately I have been including this form of virgin, unprocessed saturated fat in my diet. It has a “haunting vanilla taste” and is indeed yummy straight off the spoon. There is some debate around the health benefits of coconut oil due to it being a saturated fat, some say because it’s unprocessed it’s good for you, others are not so sure, however the research I’ve done and Brooke’s confidence is good enough for me 🙂

3. Candlez

I’ve never been much of a candle girl, due mostly to my mothers incessant worry that I would burn down the house if any semblance of fire made its way into my perpetually messy room. A fair worry for those who’ve never seen my room.

Now that I live out of home and have control of what objects are allowed through the front door, I’ve really been getting into burning essential oils and candles for the first time and I feel like I’ve been missing out all these years!

This Fig, Cassis & Mandarin mini candle from Palm Beach Collection is a soy candle that has found itself being lit pretty frequently over the past few weeks. It imparts a beautiful smell (the mandarin is most strong for me, which I love) that lingers throughout the house that is just great because it means I don’t have to clean up as much as I probably should… just kidding… sort of. At $14.95 these candles are a cheap way to spruce up a room or set the mood. Oo la la.

Just a quick one this week, thanks for reading guys! X

Be well,