Rejuvenation and Bliss: 75 Minute Deep Tissue Massage at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, Perth

Spring has well and truly sprung, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, endorphins are buzzing – but let’s face it, despite the positivity brimming in the air, the increasing pace of life & busy schedules that come with the warmer seasons can leave us yearning for some well-deserved self-care & renewal.

Perhaps it’s the post-winter lethargy, the lingering effects of those cozy nights under blankets, or the sudden urge to embrace the vibrancy of the season… whatever it is, there’s no better way to revive yourself than with a revitalizing spa day? Luckily, some of the most exquisite spas in the world are right here in Perth, with COMO Shambhala Urban Escape leading the way.

Nestled within the historic State Buildings / COMO The Treasury, COMO Shambhala is a sanctuary of serenity, a place where luxury and relaxation intertwine seamlessly. As a beauty enthusiast and wellness advocate, I felt it was high time for a revisit to this haven of tranquility, a place where time stands still, and your well-being takes center stage (as it should).

The COMO Group is synonymous with elegance, and the moment you step into the Treasury building, you are enveloped in a world of refined luxury. The team of professionals here treats you with a level of care and attention that is truly exceptional, ensuring every moment is one you’ll remember for days, weeks & months to come.

What keeps drawing me back to this inner-city haven, is the sheer joy and delight that is experienced with every visit. From the seamless online check-in process, to the moment you enter your sumptuous treatment room complete with a private bathroom, every detail has been meticulously thought out. The ambiance is a perfect blend of cozy and tranquil, with soft, inviting lighting and a serene silence that cocoons you in bliss.

The journey into relaxation commences as you recline onto the massage table. For the next 75 minutes, there’s nothing on the agenda but to surrender to pure relaxation and emerge as your most tranquil self. The deep tissue masseuses are first class, expertly kneading away every knot and tension point (even ones you didn’t know you had). With each thoughtful movement and soothing stroke, both your muscles and mind are transported to a state of profound relaxation. During the treatment, I couldn’t help but wonder… how can I make this muscle meltingly good massage a part of my monthly wellness routine?

Post-massage, a delightful surprise awaits – a specially brewed tea paired with COMO Shambhala’s signature cookie. It’s a sweet conclusion to an hour of pure rejuvenation, leaving me eager to consult my calendar immediately for the next available slot to re-book.

The dreamy details:

A 75-minute Deep Tissue Massage at Como Shambhala is priced at $225.

Located inside the State Treasury Buildings, 1 Cathedral Ave, Perth WA 6000.

Arrive 15 minutes early to ensure your treatment time isn’t cut short, and to allow yourself to gently decompress from the commute into the city.

Valet parking is available for $30 for up to 4 hours on weekdays.

If you find yourself feeling peckish either before or after your treatment, there are healthy breakfast and lunch options at Post – my reccomendation is the ‘Real Toast’ with crushed avo, tomato, cucumber & lime, washed down with a Green Clean juice (but if you want the Grapefruit Mimosa, we wont tell anyone!)

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing COMO Shambhala Urban Retreat? Share your own blissful experiences or any questions you may have in the comments below. Your journey to rejuvenation is just a click away.

Reviewed & edited by Kelly-Anne & Annette

Be well,


Endeavour Short Courses: Gut Health, the Microbiome & Wellbeing – A Review!

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”

– Kevin Trudeau

Fostering and nurturing our brain is what brings meaning to our lives. That’s why Endeavour College’s short accredited courses, we’re talking 20 hours short, were made for those of us with busy lives who want to explore . As soon as I heard the magic number, I signed myself up (full disclosure: Annette really signed me up).

Getting to know my gut, and the benefits of taking care of it well, intimately has been one of the most rewarding lessons of my life in the past few years.

So it didn’t take much convincing for me to take a baby step (frog leap) into being a student again to learn from the experts at Endeavour College with their Gut Health: the microbiome and wellbeing short course.

What’s brilliant about this course is that it is 100% online and you can completely take it at your own pace, with 12 months in total to complete. Excellent for freelancers like me who love that flexibility in their schedule to learn whenever and wherever. Personally, I was looking forward to completing it ASAP, since it was so packed full of juicy information that piqued my interest and I’m always keen to up-level my gut health. But if the gut ain’t your thing, then there are an abundant array of courses to choose – from herbs to homeopathy, wellness business marketing essentials to flower essence therapy – and so much more – there’s something for anyone with an interest in healthy & wellness.

The easy to follow structure of the course is made up of six core topics. Anatomy of Digestion, Your Microbes and You, Diet and Gut Health, Microbes and Mood, Probiotics and Prebiotics (a personal favourite as I always get these two mixed up ) Supplements, Antibiotics (fascinating) and General Gut Health. 

There are super adorable cartoon videos and fun interactive quizzes to test your knowledge at the end of each topic, and I especially loved the additional resources (I’m a gut nerd, what can I say), including the suggested podcast that take you into another realm of deeper learning and knowledge consolidation.

A really great take-away was the positive influence it had on me to immediately want to choose healthier options and think about my health in a different way – plus feeling inspired to share my learnings with my friends and loved ones!

“Hey, how have you been? Do you know the difference between probiotics and probiotics? Well, let me enlighten you…!”

During the course I stocked up on coconut yoghurt & made the delish hazelnut & fig granola recipe that was included, as well as started taking probiotic supplements again – I started feeling the benefits right away.

The course takes it to another level by allowing you to experience first-hand what the impact is on your own life by utilising an interactive learning journal, which I thought was really cool.

What’s more, I received a digital certificate to pop on my resume if I ever find myself working in the field of nutrition.

I would highly, highly recommend the Endeavour Gut Health course, especially for those who have thought about perhaps changing career paths and want to explore their interests in a new industry through accredited learning.

Overall I completed it within 3 weeks, over about 20 hours all up, and found the takeaways to be life changing for health – and I’m still implementing things I’ve learned today – many months later.

If you’re looking for a boost of inspo in your life / health / career – I say DO IT. You won’t regret it. And your gut will thank you. Check out the course here!

Review by Kelly-Anne, graphic designer, spa lover & gut nerd.

Be well,


Daily Wellness Routine: Nici Ward, Mum, Musician & Personal Trainer / Owner at Move for Good.

First up, briefly tell us a bit about yourself and what you do!

My name’s Nici and I’m a Mum, musician and I run my own Personal Training business – Move For Good. I started out with a trainer over 5 years ago and fell in love with feeling strong and capable! I’m a Mum of two boys so keeping up with them and being able to maintain a busy lifestyle is super important. I wanted to be able to provide a fitness and
movement service for people who, like myself, weren’t really fitting in with mainstream gym culture but wanted to train and gain strength and confidence.

What time do you wake up most days and how many hours of sleep do you aim for?

4am and between 7 and 9 hours sleep.

What’s your morning routine to set you up for a great day?

I get up with my alarm. No snooze! Haha! I shower and get dressed for work then grab something to eat, usually Weetbix and protein powder with oat milk and a coffee. I usually have early clients so I’m always preparing the night before, kids school lunches packed and my breakfast is usually there ready to go (:

Describe a typical day of eating for you (Drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, dessert – the whole lot!)

I’ve been working with an incredible nutritionist @cinfit_coaching to help me with an easy and accessible eating program. My struggle is always being time poor and her approach is very straight forward and no fuss. Its also realistic for a working Mum with a family as far as cost and easy to find products etc.

I don’t subscribe to diet culture and fads. Education and consistency is key for me.

I have my Weetbix and protein milk, sometimes with fresh or frozen berries for breakfast. A coffee (soy latte). Then mid morning I’ll have a piece of fruit and a yoghurt. Lunch is usually some sort of protein with a wholegrain wrap or brown rice as well as a bunch of veggies.

Afternoon snack is usually some nuts and another small piece of fruit. And dinner is genuinely some type of protein with salad and corn or potatoes or something like that. I love curry or our family favourite is nachos. I load heaps of veggies in 🙂

But that’s just for convenience. If I’m out I’ll eat whatever makes me feel good. I don’t drink any alcohol and haven’t for over two and a half years now as it doesn’t do me any good. Makes me feel garbage mentally and physically and there’s no way I could enjoy my life and all the things I’ve got going on if I did.

♥ Fenty Matchstix

Tell us about your daily beauty routine! What are your non-negotiables for looking and feeling your best?

I love skin care and makeup, I always have. Growing up in a show biz family I was always spending time with my mum in the bathroom watching her put her make up on and watching her routine.

I us GO-TO products and Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue both from Mecca. For daily make up I use Nars natural radiant long wear foundation. Fenty Matchstix bronzer and highlighter, Nars blush & mascara.

Do you take any supplements, vitamins or special wellness elixirs? If so, we’d love to know!

I take Vitamin D, iron and Bioceuticals Ultra Muscleze Magnesium for bed which has been amazing to help me unwind and get excellent sleep.

Do you have an evening wind-down ritual?

I usually race around like an idiot trying to get everything done before I go to bed, lots of prep for the next day, try my best to put the house back together to start fresh for the next day and go through anything I need to remember to do for tomorrow.

What are your top 3 wellness non-negotiables?

MIND! See a psych, look after your mind. There’s no shame in medication to help you with your mental health. I’m ADHD and on medication and its been an absolute game changer.

MOVE! Find movement that you love and that makes you feel good!

CONSISTENCY! None of these things work if you don’t put them into practice and be consistent. I think wellness is more about treating your mind and your body well and giving it a good foundation to get you through your life and get the most out of it. Fads don’t really serve me, Ive found my body feels and is at its best when Ive been consistently treating it well.

Satchmo by Tori Lill

Your absolute favourite healthy cafe in Perth is?


Favourite farmers market or healthy place to shop for healthy goodies.

We have a lovely place up in Mundaring, Hills Fresh, that always has really lovely produce.

What’s your fitness routine & favourite way to get sweaty and where’s your go-to?

I like weights, strength and conditioning. Ive recently tried EMS suit training which I really enjoyed and I love whole body vibration for an intense workout as well as recovery.

♥ Nu Form LS Top & Shorts!

If you could only wear one brand of activewear for the rest of your life it would be…

Nu Form.

What’s the one beauty or wellness treatment you can’t live without? And your favourite place
to have it done?

I love a good micro dermabrasion for a little pick me up. But the best beauty for me is to be moving and feeling hydrated & healthy.

What beauty treatment/ wellbeing activity would you love to try but haven’t got around to

Float tank! I have a voucher I need to use (:

Are you into any woo-woo wellness trends? (think crystals, sageing, tarot cards etc)

No, I have a beautiful friend that does my tarot sometimes and its so nice, I find it really reassuring in a comforting kind of way, but Im not really into that kind of stuff usually. I ask too many questions!

You’ve got a big event in 7 days time that you need to look incredible for. What’s your plan of attack to look & feel your absolute best?

Move and eat well. Stay hydrated and wear something you feel rad in. I don’t subscribe to cramming or crash ANYTHING. I would just try to look after myself as best as I can.

If you could have the ultimate day of wellness & happiness in Perth what would it involve and where would you go?

I’d probably go and get a massage at Endota Spa and then lunch at Satchmo.

What’s your dream wellness vacay?

Ummm a girlfriend and I dream and plot about going and staying at some fancy retreat somewhere on the central coast and getting massages and drinking yummy drinks and eating all the food and not doing any dishes. That’d make me feel pretty well!

And lastly… do you have any top secret tips you use to keep looking / feeling great?

Keep Moving, drink water, don’t sweat the small stuff and eat to live!

Thank you so much to sweet cutie Nici for taking part in our daily wellbeing interview – to find out more about Nici & MOVE FOR GOOD you can visit her website, Instagram, or Facebook.

Sustainable + Self-Care Holiday Gifts for Your Loved Ones (& You!)

Where did the year go?! It’s only a matter of days until Christmas / the holidays and all the fun and festivities that go along with it. And, if you’re anything like us, you have left your present shopping until the last minute again (no judgement here).

Luckily, Wellness WA have sourced some fantastic gift ideas to help promote self-care & sustainability to those you love these holidays. And yes, you are included on that gifting list too!

Zero Co – #imgoingzero

If you and your loved ones are trying to be more conscious of how you are treating Mother Earth, then gifting a present from Zero Co is a great step! Zero Co are a local Australian company that make single-use, plastic-free body care and home-cleaning products that are vegan, cruelty-free, grey water safe and made from plant-based formulas.

Not only are their products great, but even the packaging they come in is earth-friendly. All of their products come in ‘Forever Bottles’ and refill pouches that you can use and re-use forever (and ever)! Forever Bottles are made from ocean, beach and landfill (OBL) plastic that is sourced from clean ups, funded by Zero Co and refill pouches are made from recycled materials diverted from landfill.

When you gift Zero Co’s refillable products, you’re helping to fund ocean clean ups around the world and eliminate the production of more single-use plastic – how great is that?

♥ The Body Care Christmas Gift Box

Sound good? Head here to grab one of their Christmas Boxes like the Body Care Christmas Gift Box or their Home & Body Christmas Gift Box for your special someone. They’ll ship it to you, or straight to your loved one’s door with a letter from sustainable Santa to explain how it all works. They even have gift cards for those harder-to-buy-for people in our lives (we all have one). It’s an easy & festive way to have a big impact on our planet.

♥ Soul Nurture Wellness

2022 was a stressful year for many of us, and the festive season can sometimes add on even more stress! Imagine if you could give the gift of relaxation … that’s where Soul Nurture Wellness comes in.

Specialising in holistic and nurturing massage, meditation, and ultra-relaxing treatments, it’s the perfect present for those in your life who need a bit (or a lot) of bliss and calm. You can select a gift card amount, or choose to gift whole treatments to that special someone. See their range of relaxing treatment offerings here. We recommend the 2 hour Wellness Journey as the perfect kick starter.

Check them out on Instagram too for last minute appointment availability!

Healthy Hampers

If you’re after a delicious gift idea for that special someone – then look no further. Healthy Hampers specialise in delicious and generous hampers, carefully curated for those with dietary requirements or diet preferences. They have just released their extensive range of hampers that meet many dietary requirements including vegan, gluten-free, keto options, and everything in between – perfect timing for the holiday season!

Some delicious options include the Vegan Snack Attack Hamper or the Gluten Free Bake & Snack Hamper. With so much to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect selection to spoil your fussy loved ones.

Visit Healthy Hampers Australia to start shopping.

Veggie Saver

Did you know that the average Australian household throws away over $2,000 of food waste every year? Even more so, Christmas is notoriously the most wasteful time of the year, with 90% of Aussies throwing away more than 25% of their food during the festive period. If those numbers make you feel a bit sick (and not just from too much Christmas ham), we have a solution.

Veggie Saver is an award-winning, Australian-owned food storage system which is designed specifically to keep fruit and veggies fresh and crisp for two weeks or more – so your Christmas leftovers can still be enjoyed well into 2023!

Additionally, 5% of every sale of Veggie Saver is donated to Destiny Rescue, a not-for-profit leader in the rescue and rehabilitation of children from sex and slave trafficking. Win-win!

For more information on the Veggie Saver and to find a stockist near you, check out their website here!

♥ Bare and Wilde Memberships & Retreats

Established in 2018, Bare + Wilde has built a fanbase of Australian wellness enthusiasts who have a thirst for discovering new healthy products through their wellness subscription boxes and hosting wellness retreats throughout Australia. Late in 2022, they also launched their own Self Care range of products.

Their Rituals Boxes and Memberships and self care bundles are a thoughtful gift for a loved one who needs more “me-time” in their life. Or for someone extra special in your life or if you need to treat yourself, why not check out one of their upcoming retreats?

There are a few already planned for 2023 so you can start planning your best year yet.

♥ Open House Yoga <3

♥ Yuletide Yoga

Yoga is one of our favourite pastimes and with good reason; researchers have found that regular yoga practice may produce health benefits including increased cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength, and normalisation of blood pressure.

Whether you are a seasoned yogi, or a first-timer, make 2023 the year of yoga by treating yourself or a loved one with a yoga class or two at your favourite yoga studio.

Some of our go-to’s are Open House Yoga, YOGALAB, Common Earth Studio, and Yoga Folk.

We hope that you were able to find some holiday gifting inspiration from our curated list, or maybe you have a few ideas for your own wish-list!

Either way, we hope that everyone has a very merry festive season, and wish you all the best for 2023! Bring it on!

Leah is a freelance content creator from Perth who loves her dog, trying weird fitness trends, beach days and avocado toast. Follow her Instagram @leahonthedoor

The 4 Best Vegan Vitamin C Serums For Seriously Glowing Skin.

With warm weather well on the way, there’s no better time to include a vitamin C serum (vegan, of course!) into your daily skincare routine.

The benefits of doing so are great and varied, my skin has personally never been glowier since I’ve been trialling my top picks below, but don’t just take my word for it – the OFFICIAL (read: scientifically proven) benefits list include the following…

♥ Antioxidant-rich, so can prevent free radical damage to the skin
♥ Supports collagen & elastin production / preservation
♥ Brightens and evens out skin tone

Over the past 6-12 months I have been trialling A Whole Lotta Serums and below you’ll find my absolute favourite, top 4 that stood out above the rest – come along on a glowy journey with me allow me to share my findings – your skin will thank you.

Synergie Skin Effica C Essential Vitamin C Serum – $125

This has become my go-to during Spring – the product is creamy & thick enough to spread easily across your entire face + neck + decolletage (the package says use 1 pump, but I prefer 2 to get full coverage of these 3 areas).

It’s an absolute treat to apply, and really FEELS like it’s working. It doesn’t have the tingle of the previous product, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. Effica-C has been carefully designed to have moderate to high potency, but a ‘low irritation profile’ – in simple terms, the product does its brightening thing while being ultra gentle on the skin. Perfect for those new to the Vitamin C game, but who are wanting a product that feels good, works, and is backed up by loads of science.

Recommended for all skin types. Add to cart immediately.

Mukti Vitamin Booster Vital C Elixir – $116.95

If natural, organic and absolutely DELICIOUS smelling skincare is what you’re looking for in life, then Mukti has you sorted for the rest of your days. The first time I used the Mukti Vitamin Booster Vital C Elixir I was instantly obsessed with the scent. I swear to you that this serum smells -exactly- like Sherbies. Yep, I’m talking about the little orange and blue sherbet candy that was definitely the cause of more than a few sugar highs when I was younger.

This delish scent makes applying the milky white drops an absolute delight, although it might have you craving something sweet. When I’m feeling like my skin needs something more natural, or I’m not wanting anything too intense – this candy-scented elixir is my go-to, plus, it’s certified organic, nut free, gluten free, vegan and cruelty free (always) and packaged in biophotonic glass to help the product last as long as possible.

Efani Speisialtóir Vitamin C & E Serum – $99.95

The tingly sensation experienced with Efani’s vitamin C serum lets you know that they’ve spared nothing in terms of including super active ingredients, it’s 20% pure vitamin C, and you can feel it get to work straight away. The tingling only lasts around 5-10 seconds and leaves a slightly dry feeling on my face due to the potent active ingredients, so I’d recommend applying your favourite moisturiser a few minutes after application.

For a slightly more gentle & multi-tasking application during the day – add it to your favourite SPF moisturiser and then apply – this ended up being my favourite way to use this product.

How I use it: I add 2-3 drops to Mecca’s To Save Face SPF 30+ and gently rub into my face, neck and decolletage. I can hand on heart say that when using this regularly – along with hot yoga & green smoothies, of course – my skin has a glow to it that it otherwise wouldn’t. I very often find myself rummaging in my skincare box for the little amber vial so I can get my face tingle on. Highly recommended!

Peggy Sue AM Vitamin Serum – $68

If you’re looking for a super lightweight & spreadable vitamin C serum, which I often am, then the Peggy Sue AM Vitamin Serum could just be your new bestie. I found this light & hydrating enough to use morning or night, and a much more gentle option than the more science-backed serums. No tingles here, but what you will get is a fresh glow and dewy skin which will make you feel a million bucks. There’s also added vitamin A & B for good measure, too.

Cleanse, apply the silky serum, follow with SPF in the morning (or just leave as is if applying in the evening), apply your fave vegan tinted moisturiser or foundation, a touch of blush and you’re good to glow for the rest of the day.

In conclusion…

Currently I prefer to take a ‘skin cycling’ approach to my vitamin C serums, to ensure my skin gets a bit of a break from the more active serums, and also gets to enjoy the benefits of all four products.

I’ll start my week with the Synergie Skin Effica C, followed the next day by the Mukti Vital C Elixir which is a little gentler, then give my skin one day off in between, followed up by the Efani Speisialtóir the next day & then the Peggy Sue AM Vitamin Serum the day after that. Weekends depend on what I feel my skin needs most that day – more moisture, something gentle, or something more active. I find this works a treat for my skin, and I hope this article has been helpful!

If you have any vitamin C related questions, or have any questions about any of these products – feel free to come and hang out with me on Instagram and send me a DM!

Be well,



* All products provided for consideration, all opinions are my own.