The Ultimate Wellness-y Holiday Gift Guide for 2021.

Jasmine Alexa ‘Paint the Sky’ Shirt – $149 (details below!)

2021 is nearly over and what a year it has been. It’s definitely time to wind-down, relax, and spread some joy to our nearest and dearest friends & family.

One of the things many of us have learnt after this whirlwind of a year is how important self-care is for not only your physical health, but your mental health and wellbeing too. Self-care can come in many forms, from enjoying getting sweaty at that heart-pumping spin class with friends, to getting an extra 15 minutes of snoozing in the morning (my personal favourite), to buying yourself a special, little present that makes your heart happy.

With that in mind, we have put together a lovely collection of ways to give the gift of self-care to your favourite people (or maybe yourself) this holiday season.

Lingerie set from Kat the Label

Lingerie Loving

Looking cute is a form of self-care. There, we said it – sometimes we feel our best when we are looking our best, and there is no shame in that.

We challenge you to not feel hot AF (or make your lover feel sizzlin’) in a gorgeous lingerie set from Kat The Label (and not just from the summer heat!).

These stunning sets range from sizes XS-XL (up to L in bottoms – which is around a size 14 Australian) and have a huge range of styles and colours to suit just about anyone. Locally designed in Byron Bay, Australia, Kat The Label pieces are designed to enhance your femininity, and boost your sensuality and confidence with their gorgeous designs.

We particularly love these festive options, the Dahlia and Maverick sets, perfect for gifting to your girlfriend, besties, or a cheeky gift for yourself!

The Base Collective Beauty Sleep Bundle. Photo by @fantabhome

Sweet Dreams

If you are like us, all you’ll really want these holidays after an intensely busy year is a good, long, restful sleep! That’s exactly what the Beauty Sleep Bundle from The Base Collective is designed for. This dreamy trio of products is designed specifically for restless sleepers and features the calming properties of Magnesium and Organic Lavender Oil to enhance relaxation and help you nod off to dreamland.

The Beauty Sleep Spray in particular is an absolute GAME CHANGER, and we recommend three spritzes onto your tummy or chest half an hour before bed – it’s been sending us into the sweetest of deep sleeps for the past few weeks now, and it’s already the latest product to be welcomed into our ongoing, never-want-to-be-without-it, routine.

It’s also suitable for all skin types and is vegan and cruelty free, so you can rest easy knowing that whoever you gift this to will be good to go.

The Muse S – from $549 AUD

For those that have a loved one that is super-sleep deprived, stressed or burnt out, and want to help them find a way to easily drop into the ultimate zen state, then we recommend the Muse S, which is a revolutionary sleep aid that utilises EEG technology (a fancy way of saying it tracks brainwave activity) to help you to understand and track how well you focus, sleep and recharge to improve concentration during the day, and enhance sleep at night.

The Muse S Headband also comes with their ‘Digital Sleeping Pills’ program, which sounds pretty cool and is even cooler in practice. This program helps you nod off to sleep, and also helps you quickly fall back to sleep if you wake up in the night. What more could you or your stressed-out gift-recipient need?

This is a pretty special pressie, and we can guarantee that if anyone on your gifting list received one of these – with regular use their stress levels will be decreased, and feelings of joy will be up-levelled.

Find out more and shop here. A full review will be coming soon!

We love these gift ideas for new mums, busy work-aholics and other sleep-deprived loved ones (which, let’s be honest, probably includes yourself!).

Photo of The Ritz Carlton Perth by @sullivang_

Gorgeous Getaways

While it is a bit tricky for those of us in WA to plan for holidays while we are waiting for the borders to officially open, the good news is that WA is a WA-y better spot for a holiday anyway! So why not gift your nearest and dearest with a luxe staycation at the stunning Ritz-Carlton at Elizabeth Quay, overlooking the sparkling Swan River.

The Ritz-Carlton has the perfect romantic staycation package available for that special person in your life who deserves the ultimate in pampering. Fingers crossed they choose to take you with them 😉 Lucky holiday-makers will enjoy a delicious breakfast at Hearth Restaurant for two daily, a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival, late 12 noon checkout, as well as free-standing bathtubs and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city and river – bliss. From $669 per room, per night.

Learn more and book your holiday at home for the holidays here!

Inika’s stunning Rosy Glow Gift Set – $99

Glow Up Gifting

We love a gorgeous makeup set, particularly when they come in stunning packaging (who doesn’t get sucked in by a pretty box!) and this set from premium mineral makeup & cruelty-free/vegan brand Inika Organics has most certainly caught our packaging-loving eye.

Their Rosy Glow set comes with Radiant Glow Veil which can double as a hydrating primer and finishing illuminisor – and will have your recipient receiving compliments galore – and their gorgeous and highly-pigmented Mineral Baked Blush Duo in Burnt Peach. This set suits a range of different skin types and is the perfect gift for your beauty loving friend to help them enhance their holiday glow naturally & ethically.

ASPAR Body Spa Rituals Gift Pack – $49.95

Serene Spa Days

The gift for those who love a relaxing ritual during their down time, why not try a gorgeous set from Aurora Spa Rituals? Their range of botanically active products have been created with care and expertise by therapists at the award-winning Aurora spas.

We particularly love these two sets, the Relax Home Spa Kit and Body Spa Rituals which will turn any bathroom into an ultra relaxing, luxurious, at-home oasis.

Ritz-Carlton Robe Hamper – $280

The Ritz-Carlton has also come to the spa-party with some great products to complete your loves staycation (see above!). The Ritz-Carlton Spa Travel Hamper features skincare and beauty products by LaGaia Unedited, or complete the spa experience with the bespoke Robe Hamper featuring a luxurious Ritz-Carlton bathrobe, People4Ocean sun-care products, and calming lavender drops. View these luxe gifts and more ideas from Ritz Carlton here.

Skin to Skin, Mum & Bub Box from Vatea – $98

Bundles of Joy

For those with loved ones who have new little loves in their lives why not a gift that is both for them and their new addition? The Skin to Skin, Mum and Bub Box – all natural and organic of course – from VATÉA is the perfect gift during pregnancy and for new mothers. Featuring Loving Baby Massage Oil, infused with key oils of chamomile and lavender; Gentle Baby Balm which is a essential multi-use product for new mums and bubs and can be used as bottom balm, nipple balm and healing balm; Pure Body Oil designed for supple skin and helps prevent stretch marks; and Soothing Oil Wash to soften and support any dry skin.

Jasmine Alexa ‘Embrace’ Bike Shorts – $89.99

Self-care in Yr Activewear

Ok, so this one may be the PERFECT “self-gift”, because there is nothing better than brand-new activewear, especially to help you get motivated to exercise after a bit of overindulgence over the festive season.

Local Australian activewear brand Jasmine Alexa focuses on sustainably designed and created pieces, the majority of which are made locally in Melbourne. We have our eyes on a few pieces from their range, namely the Embrace Bike Shorts and the Comeback Crop for a cute matchy-matchy look that would suit a wide range of workouts.

Plus, you can combine these with their Paint the Sky oversized shirt (pictured at the top of the article) for a fun post-workout class brunch look. It’s also the perfect throwover to protect your skin while basking at the beach (and make you feel like a fashionista while you’re at it).

Giving someone a thoughtful gift that will help them prioritise their well-being lets them know that you care. Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from giving yourself one of these gifts, either. (We won’t tell!)

The festive season is fast-approaching, so we hope this list has helped spark some gift ideas for the ones you love, to help everyone on your list relax and recharge this festive season, and put their well-being first.

Article by Leah Worthington & Annette Gohl.

How to Use Self-Care to Manifest Love in 2022.

Photo from Jordanna Levin’s Instagram

It seems somewhat counterintuitive to set out on a quest to find love by focusing on who you are on your lonesome, but when it comes to manifesting a Higher Love, i.e a love that lifts you up rather than has you falling, then the only thing you need is something you already possess, yourSELF.

Too often we walk into a new relationship or at the very least a dating experience, looking for our potential suitor to tick a bunch boxes, fill a few gaps and make us feel something we convince ourselves is impossible to feel without them. But if you know anything about manifestation, you’ll know that like attracts like and if you want to become a love magnet (I mean, who doesn’t) it all starts with an acute sense of self awareness.

You’ve likely heard the terms self-care and self-love thrown around in the context of body brushing, journaling and eating your greens, but true love and care for oneself comes down to knowing who the bloody hell you are! Most of us don’t…

I describe it as your personal vibration. When your personal vibration is strong, you feel like the truest version of you. You feel confident, comfortable, your posture is probably nice and tall and your words flow with ease. When your vibration is weak you feel stuck and stagnant, you can’t find comfortability in anything and you’re likely not the witty and clever gal (or guy) you know you can be.

Self awareness is about knowing what strengthens your personal vibration and what weakens it (and I’m not even talking about relationships, yet). My vibration is strong when I’m around certain people, when I’m working in my business, when I integrate enough ‘me time’ into my week and when I’m doing the things that bring me joy. My vibration is weakened when I spend too much time on social media, when I fall into the comparison trap, when I spend too much time with people who drain me, or when I force myself to do things because I feel ‘I should’.

Once you know what it feels like when your vibration is strong then day to day you aim to choose things that keep it vibrating at their frequency. When it comes to love and dating this is helpful in two ways. When you’re vibrating at a strong frequency:

– You naturally attract people vibrating at a similar frequency to you! Score.

– You can use it as a barometer to determine whether someone you’re dating is bringing you closer or further away from that true authentic version of you. Make sense?

If you really want to manifest a Higher Love in 2021 you need to ask yourself 3 questions:

1. Who am I?

2. What lights me up?

3. And how do I want to feel in love?

And then prioritise the answers to those questions in all of your pursuits in love. Self awareness really is your greatest superpower.

Jordanna Levin is is an author, podcast host & self-love & manifestation expert. You can read more about Jordanna’s wellness routine here!

The Best Australian (And New Zealand!) Free Youtube Yoga & Fitness Classes!

While luckily here in Perth we are safely out of lock-down and can enjoy going to the gym without masks (thank goodness!), I still love a home workout for those days you can’t be bothered to leave home, but still want to get the body moving. I have put together some of my favourite Aussie fitness YouTubers to help you workout at home, and the best part, for free!

♥ The Jungle Body also sell a range of cute merchandise

The Jungle Body

The Jungle Body is a biz based on dance and cardio-based workout classes that combine fun and fitness with great music. Started by Perth-born Tara Simich, you can find classes all around Perth and in over 20 countries around the world!

But for those times you can’t get to class (*cough* another lockdown *cough*), you can check their Youtube channel for some fitness-inspo. They also have some videos floating around on their website like this one. The best part about The Jungle Body workouts is that you can do them with minimal equipment; all you will need is a yoga mat and 5kg dumbbells. Failing that, you can always get away with a towel and a couple of tins of beans!

♥ Photo of Sjana Earp by Emily Abay.

Sjana Earp

If you use Kayla ItsinesSWEAT app, then you may already know Australian yogi Sjana Elise Earp. What you might not know is that Sjana has a great YouTube channel packed with yoga and guided meditation-videos, perfect for a wide range of abilities, from beginner to experienced yogis.

Sjana’s sunny attitude and encouragement really makes you feel like you are nailing that downward dog, and help to try your best each time you step onto your yoga mat. It’s also nice to move along to an Aussie voice, as most of the popular yoga YouTubers are American (no hate to Yoga with Adrienne of course!) My recommendation is this morning/before bed yoga sequence for beginners. Love any exercise I can do in my PJs without leaving my bed!

♥ Photo of Sam Wood & trainer Sarah Boulazeris

Sam Wood

Yep Sam Wood, former Bachelor, who you may know also now runs an online workout and weight loss program, 28 by Sam Wood. Luckily for us though, he also has a goldmine of free workout video on his Youtube channel. His videos range from short ones that just give you an overview of a routine, to longer work along-with-me type videos. I also love his “live” full-length workout videos that feature some cheeky cameos from family members… oh the joys of working out at home! He also has a playlist of videos using equipment, that are perfect if you have a home gym or if you want to follow the videos at the gym. My favourite is this workout you can do with your dog! The cutest.

♥ Photo of Korrie Gammer

Korrie Gammer

I first came across this radiant being while taking part in onboarding for a new role at lululemon – I’m lucky enough that the company I work for values mental & physical wellbeing very highly, and as such the remote team I was joining took part in a live yoga class with Korrie early one morning, to get us prepped for a day of absorbing information.

And it was incredible. Korrie’s voice, fluid style of teaching, and ease & grace is evident – and it flows effortlessly through the screen and lands softly in the body.

I was excited to learn afterwards that Korrie has a treasure trove of free yoga classes – available on Youtube under her brand, Yoga by Korrie, and she adds a couple of new gems every month. Definitely a new favourite of mine, and someone that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who needs to weave a little bit more relaxation into their day.

So there you have some of the best homegrown and free online workouts to help you get your butt off the couch when stuck at home, or just to help you incorporate some different workouts into your routine.

Who did we miss? We’d love to hear your fave Aussie fitness influencers who are offering up free online classes – leave a comment below or come say hi on Instagram at @wellnesswa.

Leah is a freelance content creator from Perth who loves her dog, trying weird fitness trends, beach days and avocado toast. Follow her Instagram @leahonthedoor

Daily Wellness Routine: Jordanna Levin, Author, Podcast Host & Self-Love + Manifestation Expert!

First up, briefly tell us a bit about yourself and what you do!

I’m an author and podcast host who believes that self awareness is your greatest superpower. With a background in journalism, I like to take big topics often deemed a little woo woo) and make them relatable, practical and digestible, so that they appeal to broader audience, but also because everybody deserves access to some deep ah-ha moments!

What time do you wake up most days and how many hours of sleep do you aim for?

I rise at 5:30am most mornings. I’ve always been an early riser but I also have a kitten who has decided 5:30am is an appropriate time to walk all over my face. I like to get 8 hours sleep in so I’m usually in bed by 9pm.

What’s your morning routine to set you up for a great day?

I always start with a homemade cup of oat milk chai in bed (Oatly is my fave oat milk!). Then it’s some type of movement whether it be a walk up to the lighthouse, a studio yoga class or an at home pilates workout – I use HUSTL for these.

Describe a typical day of eating for you.

I’m never any good at answering questions like this because each day is different.

I start with an oat milk chai. Breakfast is usually a slice of My New Roots Life Changing Bread (Google it – or just click the link) with some avocado and Oomite (delicious miso-based vegemite alternative available at cafes all over Australia). Lunch might be a salad with a can of Sirena tuna or some sauteed vegies, sauerkraut & cashew cheese. I’m not a big snacker but sometimes in the afternoon I’ll make a hot cacao with medicinal mushrooms in it. Dinner is always different it might be a chicken and vegetable soup, sauteed greens and baked salmon or some sort of veggie pasta dish. I’ll always finish with a square or two of dark chocolate. My current 
favourite is Pico Mint Crisp.

Tell us about your daily beauty routine! What are your non-negotiables for looking and feeling your best?

I take skincare VERY seriously. In the mornings I cleanse with Go-To Properly Clean, then I apply a Vitamin C serum of some kind – at the moment I’m using Sunday Riley. I spritz with a toning mist like Mukti Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist and then apply a hydrating serum like Mukti Hylauronic Marine Serum. I’ll spritz again and then apply Go-To Face Hero the most incredible face oil! Then I finish off with Go-To tinted Zincredible which is the best SPF I’ve found.

I don’t wear much make up during the day. I instead get a lash lift and tint every 6 weeks, and a little tint on my eyebrows. I cover up any imperfections with RMS Uncover-Up and apply Trinny London’s lip treatment Anna.

At night it’s much the same but I’ll remove the SPF from my day with Go-To Fancy Face, an excellent oil cleanser, then I’ll follow with Go-To Properly Clean again for a good deep double cleanse. 3 times a week I use Go-To’s Exfoliating Swipeys and follow with Go-To Face Hero and their Very Useful Face Cream.

I swear I’m not sponsored by Go-To just absolutely obsessed with their product line – !!

My only other extra beauty tips are that I use an LED face mask 3-4 times a week and I’ve just started having PRP treatments aka Vampire facials (Google it, AMAZING). I also use an infrared sauna 4 times a week – mostly for joint pain but you also can’t beat the glow it gives your skin.

Do you take any supplements, vitamins or special wellness elixirs? If so, we’d love to know!

I’m obsessed with Life Cycle Medicinal Mushroom tinctures. I add them to everything. I currently use Lions Mane, Reishi and Chaga.

In terms of supplements I’m always taking Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc and Fish Oil. I also love rubbing Magnesium oil or cream on at night before bed for a restful sleep.

Do you have an evening wind-down ritual?

Yes! Pukka Herbs Night Time tea always helps me wind down. I rub Magnesium oil or cream on my belly and soles of my feet. If I’m finding it particularly hard to switch my mind off I play a sleep story or some soundscapes through the Calm app. I set a timer so it switches off after 30 minutes. I’m telling you, having Matthew McConaughey, Idris Elba, or Harry Styles read you a bedtime story is something you never knew you needed!

What are your top 3 wellness non-negotiables?

– Water
– Infrared Sauna – I have really bad rheumatoid and saunas are the only thing that ease the stiffness in my joints.
– Rest – so underrated but 100% a non negotiable for me.

Your absolute favourite healthy cafe in Byron Bay is?

My favourite healthy café in Byron Bay is High Life.

♥ Dreamy smoothie from Vagabond, Byron Bay

Best place to get a green juice or smoothie in your city?

My favourite place to get a green juice or smoothie in Byron is Vagabond.

Favourite farmers market or healthy place to shop for healthy goodies.

Best Farmers Market on the Northern Rivers are Mullumbimby Farmers Markets.

What’s your fitness routine & favourite way to get sweaty and where’s your go-to?

During lockdown I became obsessed with Hustl. and their online workouts (I even started teaching yoga for them). They do a combination of pilates and circuit training, but it’s the only at home workout that I’m excited to get up and do every day (even though we’re allowed back in the studios). When I want to get outside I do the Byron Bay lighthouse walk! It never gets easier but it always gets more beautiful!

♥ A cute set from @arcaa_movement

If you could only wear one brand of activewear for the rest of your life it would be…

OMG so hard! Hmmm I can’t pick one. My favourite leggings are Lululemon. I love the crops from Arcaa Movement and always lust after Nagnata activewear.

What’s the one beauty or wellness treatment you can’t live without? And your favourite place to have it done?

I’ve recently started having PRP treatments and I am obsessed. They basically take your blood and spin it in a centrifuge, which enables the separation of the blood cells from your plasma and platelets. Then they inject your own platelets back into your face to stimulate collagen and new skin cells. Look it’s not a pleasant experience AT ALL, but it has amazing results and it doesn’t involve any toxins or fillers. I always recommend having PRP with a doctor and not a beautician. I see Dr Mayada Zaki.

Other than that it would hands down be Infrared Saunas and I go to Trybe Wellness in Byron Bay (its directly across the road from my house) or if I’m in Sydney or Melbourne I’ll go to Nimbus & Co.

You’ve got a big event in 7 days time that you need to look incredible for. What’s your plan of attack to look & feel your absolute best?

Definitely no fasting or restrictive eating. I’d probably up my water intake and pop my LED mask on daily. I’d be sure to get in a few sauna sessions and just make sure I’m eating lots of fresh foods. The day of the event I’d apply a Go-To Transformazing Sheet Mask and depending on what time of year it was I might consider throwing on a self tanning mousse like Three Warriors or Eco Tan a couple of days prior. On the day of an event I like to make sure my body is silky soft so I use Bare Body Beauty’s Scrub in a Tub, it makes your skin so silky smooth and then I’d apply a body moisturiser or body oil. My favourite body oil is AYU it smells like heaven and it often means I don’t need to wear a fragrance.

What’s your dream wellness vacay?

I have always wanted to go to Aro-ha Retreat in New Zealand!

And lastly… do you have any top secret tips you use to keep looking / feeling great?

Dry Shampoo! Can’t beat it! Minimal Alcohol, it’s so dehydrating and minimal sun exposure (unless you’re wearing natural sunscreen).

Thank you so much to Jordanna for sharing her beautiful routine! If you’d like to follow what Jordanna is up to, or check our her books, head to her Instagram for more information!

Be well


Daily Wellness Routine: Jessie Stoelwinder, Jessie Stoelwinder, Yoga Teacher & Lifestyle Reporter for The West Australian.

First up, briefly tell us a bit about yourself and what you do!

I’ve been a journalist for The West Australian for nine years now, working across entertainment, arts and more recently all things lifestyle and wellness. I really love to champion local people doing cool things, and am always on the hunt for the latest phenomena and trends to test out.

Outside work, I have a keen interest in spirituality and I’m now a registered yoga teacher after completing my 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training with The Yoga Vine. I’m planning to further deepen these learnings in 2021 with yin and breathwork courses and I can’t wait to share my passion with others.

What time do you wake up most days and how many hours of sleep do you aim for?

Getting at least eight hours of sleep is a non-negotiable for me, and hugely affects my focus and creativity. I have a personal alarm clock in the form of my four-year-old daughter, who often wakes me up between 6-7am.

What’s your morning routine to set you up for a great day?

Establishing a really solid morning routine is still in progress for me! When I’m in a good rhythm, I brush my teeth, drink a big glass of water, meditate and read before Winter wakes up. This makes such a huge difference to my day. I love the framework set out in The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, which also includes journaling, a form of exercise like yoga, affirmations and visualisation, so it’s a goal of mine to incorporate more of these elements into my everyday morning routine this year.

♥ Cacao Collective

Describe a typical day of eating for you.

After a long and difficult path to healing my relationship with food, I’ve found that intuitive eating works best for my body. That usually ends up being some form of intermittent fasting until around 11am, but if I am hungry I will eat before that. My diet is 99 per cent vegan and I focus on packing as much nourishment into my meals as I can so they are dense and full of vitamins. Lots of vegetables, hummus, hemp seeds, homemade bliss balls, sourdough bread, smoothie bowls, legumes and some tofu are all staples for me – but I love chocolate and a good burger in equal measure! I have one-two coffees per day with macadamia or oat milk, and recently have become addicted to ceremonial cacao from The Cacao Collective.

Tell us about your daily beauty routine! What are your non-negotiables for looking and feeling your best?

I’m sure many mums can relate when I say I sometimes cut corners when it comes to my skincare routine! But the products I swear by are Fancy Face oil cleanser, Exfoliating Swipeys and Face Hero from Go-To, serums from The Ordinary and good old Cetaphil cleanser in the shower. Last year one of my goals was to wear sunscreen every day, and my favourite is Queen Screen from Ultra Violette.

It’s really important to me to use brands that don’t test on animals and use vegan ingredients as much as possible. I’ve swapped a lot of my beauty products because of this, and my favourite brands are Too Faced (Born This Way concealer and foundation, Better Than Sex mascara), Mecca Max (glow sticks and palettes) and Hourglass (eyebrow pencil).

Do you take any supplements, vitamins or special wellness elixirs? If so, we’d love to know!

Currently, I take iron, magnesium, a probiotic and Blackmores Sugar Balance.

What are your top 3 wellness non-negotiables?

1. Yoga classes as many days of the week as I can manage – the practise has such a profound impact on my mood, how I feel in my body and overall wellness.

2. Fresh air, sunshine and nature – they are all free, instant mood boosters and we are so lucky to have them in abundance here in Perth.

3. Sleep – without it, nothing else is possible.

Your absolute favourite healthy cafe in Perth is?

Flora and Fauna in Northbridge or Manna Wholefoods in South Fremantle.

What’s your fitness routine & favourite way to get sweaty and where’s your go-to?

I firmly believe that the best exercise is the kind you enjoy. For me, that’s yoga and I take classes depending on how I feel that day – a mix of vinyasa, hatha, slow flow, yin and restorative. My favourite studios are Soft Yoga, Beyond Being, Nature of Self, Mudra, Yab Yum, Vital Beat and Cntre Space. Otherwise, I love walking and getting out on hiking trails. When I am doing both yoga and walking regularly I find that’s all I need to feel strong, flexible and well in my body.strong, flexible and well in my body.

If you could only wear one brand of activewear for the rest of your life it would be…

Lululemon, the Align pants are the comfiest around.

What’s the one beauty or wellness treatment you can’t live without? And your favourite place to have it done?

Massages are definitely my guilty pleasure and something I will splurge on every so often. BODHI’s new Cottesloe retreat is gorgeous and so serene. I also recently discovered Heartwood and their facial was the best I’ve ever experienced, they use local sandalwood in their products and have lots of unique touches, like their playlists and post-treatment bliss balls.

Are you into any woo-woo wellness trends?

Yes, big time! This is my happy place. I get my tarot read once a year and it’s always been eerily accurate, and also have a deck at home. There are crystals all around my house, I use palo santo and white sage to cleanse the air and adore incense and candles. This past year I have tried a range of alternative healing methods, from reiki to breathwork, sound healing, acupuncture, chanting, group meditation and plant medicine and loved them all for different reasons. It’s an area I hope to expand my own learnings in as I feel intuitively drawn to natural and mystical practises.

♥ Anna Balston // Rhythmkeeper

What’s your dream wellness vacay?

Past trips to Bali have always been wonderful for the amazing yoga and wellness offerings there. Also the vegan food is out of this world!

But until the international borders re-open, there are so many local business and yoga studios running wellness retreats. I am going on one soon led by Anna Balston and I can’t wait – it’s the perfect counteractive for the soul.

And lastly… do you have any top secret tips you use to keep looking / feeling great?

It sounds cliche, but meditation and yoga are the ultimate tools for self-awareness and compassion. The more we can learn to cultivate acceptance and love within ourselves, the easier it is to live in alignment with our values and optimum health. Also recognising that we are all different has been huge in my personal wellness journey. I gravitate towards enjoyment with everything I do now – whether that’s food, movement or other health practises – and that’s made a huge impact on the way I move through life.