Event Review: Earth Hour Free Pilates Event with Renee Kendall!

The evening of Saturday 31st of March saw about 20 health and wellness lovers get together at Performance Pilates and Physiotherapy Centre in West Perth to celebrate Earth hour by swapping lights for hundreds of gorgeous candles (some from Peachy Clean), and getting stuck into an hour long pilates class instructed by Renee from RENZ Pilates. I’ll admit this is not the usual way I spend my Saturday evenings, but it was such a special night and it’s made me realise that I do love exercising when the sun has gone down. There’s just something special about it!

Renee had us stretching, toning, breathing and relaxing in varied and flowing pilates sequences. She is a great teacher, providing individual assistance to all participants and it was an incredibly enjoyable experience, I just knew my bum, legs, tum and arms were going to be sore the next day 🙂 Sure enough, for 2 days after the class I felt the sweet ache of exercise done well.

♥ A nice hip opener

Audrey (owner of Performance Pilates & Physiotherapy) & our lovely instructor Renee of RENZ Pilates!

Fancy pants advanced pilates moves after the class!

Hope you enjoyed reading about this fun and worthwhile event!

Wellness WA has plans to bring some reader events to you in the near future… would anyone be keen?

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