My Organic Tea Favourites!

♥ Photo by Paul Monaghan/Ohhtography

I love tea. This can be proven by the following fact: currently there is a dodgy kettle in my apartment, every time my housemate or I switch it on it cuts the power to the rest of the house. The tea love is so strong, that it constantly overrides this knowledge of said dodgy kettle and I continue to try and try, failing every time and shutting off the power (which gets annoying after say, one time).

THANKFULLY, a new kettle is on the way. But for now I’m considering taking a step back about 25 years and boiling some water on the stove to make a delish cuppa.

I have been slowly incorporating more organic into my life lately, the idea that I’m putting a few less pesticides into my body is a good one, therefore I’m going to share with you my absolute fave organic teas today, and hopefully inspire some new pesty-free crushes in you too!

Endota Organic Teas

I have a giant crush on Endota, while we haven’t been lucky enough yet to have this day spa chain in Perth (though I am promised it will be here early 2012 in a CBD location!), their organic philosophy and natural, earthy treatments give me a brain buzz when I read about them!

I got to try two of these beautiful tea babes, lavender and rosehip – plus check out the box! Tea with a ribbon? Already got my heart. Having never tried LAVENDER tea before, I was pretty excited to get brewin’ late one winter night after a stressful day. It was a delicious soothing sip, and the rosehip tea? Fannnn-tastique, as always, rosehip is so good for you and really tangy & tasty. There is a generous amount of tea packed into the box as well, but you will need a teapot with strainer or some kind of infuser as it’s loose leaf.

My pick is the T2 Small Mesh Tong, it serves me well.

Clipper Decaffeinated Green Tea

I’ve previously written about this tea. Lurve lurve lurve! It’s decaf so you can drink it at any time of the day or night. My daily ritual is to turn up to work, boil the kettle, brew a cup of this and then settle into my day. I will usually drink 1-2 cups per day, but if you drink 3+ you will see incredible benefits to your skin.

T2 Organic Teas

T2 also has a new range of organic teas which I’ve checked out a few times and I think it’s great that they’re expanding their range to incorporate more organic. They have a beaut looking lemongrass & ginger tea that will soon be vying for space on my already overflowing shelf – delicious and purrrfect for keeping sniffles at bay!

In closing: tea is a total babe who can make you feel amazing for minimal bucks, certified organic tea is even better so if you haven’t already got some in your life, I reckon you should jump on the ideas above, or seek out some other varieties and organically warm up with some delish liquids! x

What are your favourite teas?

Do you have any organic? Let me know! I love to chat tea 😀

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  1. Kav says:

    You have to try Pukka teas. They all taste amazing and from all all round great company!

    Also Yogi tea is a brand i discovered in the states and also fell in love with 🙂

  2. I just ran out of my box of my favorite Lipton blueberry acai tea – I’ll definitely check these brands out when I go to purchase a replacement! I never really thought about extending my organic purchasing to teas/coffees, but it’s a great thought and a way to cut out a ton of pesticides! Good call!

  3. Margot Mcilwain says:

    My all time favourite is genmai cha..!

  4. Nell says:

    I got hooked on Byron Bay T company calming tea when I was pregnant. It’s a chamomile and vanilla blend and sooo lovely. Plus a friend of mine told me that the sleepy making chamomileiness carries through breast milk so soothes bubba too. Double win 🙂

  5. Hannah says:

    I must get some of that decaf green tea. Is it just from supermarkets? That endota tea looks soo pretty, I love cute packaging! At the moment I’m just drinking green tea, but I think I’ll go hunting at T2 for another yummy flavour… 🙂 xo

  6. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Kav: Wow, thanks for putting me onto Pukka, I have NEVER heard of them! I like the sound of the ‘love’ tea and, well pretty much all of them. Thanks so much 🙂

    Faith: Ooooh that tea does sound nice! I’m not sure if we get it in Australia. You wont look back from organic tea, promise 🙂 And I’m sure you lucky ducks with Wholefoods Market will have HEAPS of interesting choices!

    Margot: Thanks for sharing! That sounds like it might be a T2 tea:)

    Nell: Is that one that Bodhi J sells? That sounds absolutely lovely.

    Hannah: The Clipper decaf tea can be hard to find, I’ve found it in various health stores / markets before. If you don’t need it to be decaf then it’s more available in random supermarkets but health shops are your best bet!!! 🙂

    I went to T2 today and was just in heaven wanting to buy EVERYTHING!

  7. Anai says:

    Is there a lot of difference in taste when it comes to loose leaf and bagged tea?

  8. miss marian says:

    I love tea =)
    I quite often sip on an organic fairtrade green tea with ginger called Qi (I think) from Oxfam. Lovely and not too strong like some ginger teas can be.

  9. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Anai: Unfortunately I’m not sure. I know that some tea bags are bleached, I tend to feel that loose leaf tea is “fresher” but I might be wrong!

    Miss Marian: Oxfam tea, now that’s triply good! 😀