Product Review: Dermalogica’s Winter Skin Savers!

Winter. Arch nemesis of the skin. Ruler of the dry patches. Creator of sensitivity. All round bad guy. Every winter it’s the same thing. I have a shower, cleanse my face and once im out my skin feels tight and sore. I then tone and moisturise only to still have the same symptoms. It’s a never ending battle and frankly I’m over it. However there is light at the end of the dry tunnel, a brand whose cape is blowing in the wind, a brand ready to step in and defeat winter…. its name, is Dermalogica.

I have been using three products from the Dermalogica range over the last two weeks. Using them in my daily (this is the key ladies, no slacking off!) routine has created the soft supple skin I yearn for in winter. I’m going to give you the hard out facts now, as I know I can lose some people when I start droning on about the technical side of skin care.

♥ Miracle Prod Number One: Dermalogica Gentle Soothing Booster.

This little sucker has wonderful ingredients in it like Raspberry, honey and flower extracts, all aimed at calming and soothing your skin. This little bottle of wonder is a concentrated, oil-free liquid, which you can pop onto your skin after toning and before moisturising. It’s kind of like a serum buuuuutt it’s not. Go easy on this one, only a few drops will do. After application my skin feels less tight and itchy. We are on our way to beating winter!

♥ Second wonderful product: Dermalogica Barrier Repair.

A waterless moisturiser that contains Oat and botanical actives, vitamins C, E and a million other wonderful ingredients. This moisturiser comes out of the tube clear, and goes on silky and matte. As its name suggests it forms a barrier between the big bad Winter and your skin. As it does have a matte finish, I like to pop a light weight moisturiser over the top.

♥ The third Winter fighting product: Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Masque.

This mask is for extremely dehydrated and prematurely aging skin. Sounds drastic, but that dry feeling you get after the shower? That’s your skin prematurely aging. To combat this, the mask contains Evening Primrose Oil and vitamins A and B. I loved this mask, it’s thick, creamy and oh so nourishing. I also popped a little of the Soothing Booster on before applying it just to give it a helping hand.

So there you are, three wonderful products all assisting you in the fight against Winter skin. With these three powers combined, you WILL beat the Winter beast and come out with soft, glowing skin. Cue superhero music!

Just a side note:
*If you are worried about congesting your skin with these extra prodz, just pop a scrub into your shower routine twice a week and don’t forget to cleanse!

Review by Jacqui, blogger, makeup artist and winter skin sufferer!

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  1. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    I’ve used the intensive moisture masque before and loved it! Unfortunately I lost it somewhere in a hotel in Portland, Oregon years ago… but I still recall the mask fondly! x