Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Dunsborough Living, La Mav Skincare, Apteka Haircare & Cookbooks!

A new year, a new home in sunny Dunsborough (yes Samudra calls my name even more regularly now), a new favourite coffee place (that know my name and coffee already, yes local status!), a new beachside jogging track and a new list of crushes that are at the top of my lust list. I’ve found these goodies not only look after the outside of my body but their ingredients are making my insides happy too.

La Mav Omega-3 Advanced Nightly Repair Crème

As women, at a young age we begin our beauty rituals, and whilst the products may change in bottle size, price and effects – we will always go back to what works for us. I feel that this crème is one of those products. In its stylish white and silver bottle La Mav Nightly Repair Crème (OFC certified organic and Australian made and owned I must add) is wonderfully thick and absorbing and has been leaving my skin feeling nourished and smooth from night to morning. It’s list of organic and delicious sounding ingredients (Raspberry Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice) is endless, and they all work together to support the skins barrier function and enhance it’s repairing action. Available from Organic Glow for $59.95.

Apteka Relief Scalp Shampoo

In our ritual, whilst we want our products to feel nice and make us look nice, we also want them to smell lovely too. Apteka Relief Scalp Shampoo has no parabens, sulphates or artificial fragrances and smells like fresh peppermint, that means yummy smelling hair. I would recommend this product to anyone with a sensitive scalp, especially in these warm summer months. Their healing blend of organic rosemary, organic pepperming and organic tea tree will cleanse and refresh the scalp after all your time playing mermaid at the beach and frolicking in the sunshine. Available from Organic Glow for $29.95.


I know we all wish that the vibrant photographs in the pages of our favourite cookbooks would just magically materialise into the bowls in front of us without the necessary food shopping, prep and cooking time. Alas, this only happens in dreams (and if we are talking dreams the food would also have no calories and be followed by a very chocolately dessert). However I have found with my two new favourite cookbooks that cooking can be quick, easy, colourful, healthy and delicious.

Now who doesn’t have a Donna Hay cookbook or 5 in their bookshelf? I’ve found with her newest edition Fresh and Light that her recipes have taken a healthier, lighter and more exciting turn. Still using her signature few ingredients and easy to follow cooking techniques, but she has introduced favourites like quinoa, light but flavoursome salads and less of the heavy carbohydrate focused meals.

Jamie Oliver's 15-Minute Meals
has followed a similar path too and after flicking through the pages I found myself wanting to re-creating the majority of the meals featured. And whilst there has been much debate over if these meals really take 15 minutes (take it from me, they don’t!) they are simple, so tasty and will impress anyone you whip them up for. Yum!

Do any of these beauty products or books take your fancy? What skincare and haircare are you loving at the moment? And what cookbooks? Would love your recommendations! 🙂

Written by Jade, new down south local and mermaid.

Be well,



Inner & Outer Beauty Review: Q-Silica Capsules, Face Mist, Hand Cream & Makeup and Grime Cleansing Gel!

We are lucky to live in an age where so many of the world’s natural secrets have been revealed. With super foods, unique vitamins and minerals, an abundance of yoga and fitness possibilities, luxurious hair treatments and tasty facial scrubs we are now able to incorporate these secrets into our lives to help us become the best possible version of ourselves. Silica is a secret I’ll pass on to you. It is a scientifically researched ingredient for healthy skin, hair, nails and connective tissue and I was lucky enough to try it in many different forms over the past month.

QSilica Capsules (Vegetarian)

I started taking these capsules during a warm and wonderful trip to Bali. A month later my skin still feels smooth, with no blemishes and has a tanned glow. It is difficult to say whether this is completely due to the benefits of the QSilica capsules, or a little owing to my normal skin care routine, however I have definitely noticed that my skin is smoother and more resilient to the changing weather. In the hair and nails department I haven’t observed a drastic difference (this could be to only taking them for a month so far), but my nails and hair still feel healthy and strong (hair perhaps a little frizzy due to wind, but sadly Silica can’t fix this ladies!).

REHYDRATE Energising Facial Mist

I recommend this product as a must have this summer. The light energising facial mist contains silica and aloe vera to aid in calming the skin. I used this in Bali and it became part of my group’s routine to spray this on our faces as we collapsed in our seats after a long day and ordered a fresh mixed juice. Just like the juice it will help refresh and cool you down on a scorching day!

REPAIR Strengthening Hand and Nail Cream

This is a fantastic hand cream to smother on your hands at night and massage into your well-deserving cuticles.

I found it perhaps a little too thick to use as an everyday hand cream as it left my hands feeling slightly sticky (only slightly!) but after I used it for the week my hands did feel smoother and cuticles much healthier.

REMOVE Makeup and Grime Cleansing Gel

This light gel was the perfect end to a long day and maximised the results of taking the Silica capsules for my skin! As I don’t wear a lot of make-up, this light gel worked wonders to cleanse, tone and freshen my skin leaving it feeling clean and smooth. After massaging in rose hip oil and settling down with a herbal tea (Spiced Red Fruits by The English Teashop is my current fav, tastes like hot jelly crystals) my skin has been the best it has in years.

Tell me… have you tried silica for skincare before? I would love to hear anyone else’s experience with this wonder mineral, so leave a comment below!

Written by Jade Jurewicz, new lululemon educator and summer daydreamer (bring back sunshine, mango smoothies and the beach!)

Be well,


Day Spa Review: Waitaha Day Spa, Hillarys, Perth (Including Vichy Shower Review).

Imagine the feeling of complete relaxation after a yoga class, the happiness felt as you eat a piece of your favourite dark chocolate (and knowing there is a whole block left), and the feeling of contentment after you’ve given your best friend an amazingly thoughtful birthday present she loved.

Combine these emotions and you will feel like I did as I left Waitaha Day Spa after my Body Renewal and Skin Rescue Massage spa treatments. Being pampered at this beautiful day spa was a blissful two hours and something my body, mind and soul would definitely recommend – it truly is the ultimate relaxation experience.

After weaving my way along the sparkling coast up to Hillary’s I arrived at Waitaha and was introduced to Clare who was my beauty therapist for the afternoon. The absolutely lovely and knowledgeable Clare led me to the relaxation room, where my feet were treated to a nourishing foot massage and soak.

I then entered the romantically lit treatment room for the Body Renewal Treatment, which instantly relaxed me with its soothing music and fresh aromas. This pampering treat included a scrub, wrap, steam and Vichy Shower in the hydrospa.

♥ Me, excited before the treatments begun!

Clare’s gentle hands first exfoliated me with a delicious coconut, salt, orange and lime exfoliant (good enough to eat!) which was then gently washed off and the green coffee wrap began. This wrap stimulates your body’s ability to break down fat, increases the metabolism and eliminates water retention.

I would recommend this treatment to all ladies (and men) who are wanting to get their body back to last summers toned and smooth glory, or just wanting to start the process of losing winter’s hearty meals and yummy cakes.

The top of the hydrospa (the big space-like contraption) was then lowered, and I experienced a nice warm steam – which aided in the wrap being absorbed to work it’s magic. At the same time I also received an Argan Oil hair treatment and head massage (it smelt and felt amazing – an incredible experience). After 20 minutes, the Vichy Shower began! Water jets rained warm water from the roof of the hydrospa and washed the wrap from my body – pure luxury!

♥ A pile of fresh towels is one of the more blissful things in the world!

After I’d dried off and popped on my white robe and slippers on (have I mentioned how luxurious this was yet?) I moved into another treatment room for my Skin Rescue Massage. This started with a full Body Brush which has plentiful benefits, including; exfoliating the skin, stimulating cellular turnover and boosting lymphatic drainage (these magic brushes are sold at Waitaha for $20). The full body massage was just what my body needed, Clare worked out some knots in my back and massaged hydro-oil deep into every part of my legs, torso and arms. Perfection. The hydro-oil is so nourishing and contains jojoba oil to deeply hydrate the skin and doesn’t stain clothes which was good news for the new knit I’d worn into the spa!

During this time of massage zen and relaxation, Clare also treated me to a Pevonia Enzymospherides Peeling cream. Smelling of summer, the pineapple and papaya enzymes in the cream are activated and remove impurities.

Last was a Pevonia Lumafirm Lift and Glow Mask which Clare let me know (I had to reconfirm later because I was in such a happy and dream-like state) that this mask renders skin ultra-luminous with a firmer, tighter and more youthful defined appearance. It’s highly recommended for aging skin or for ladies who are seeking an instant repair boost for a special day, or because they simply deserve it!

♥ The ring!

Last year on my birthday I got engaged and did not think a birthday could ever be topped by that moment. This year on my birthday I was exfoliated, wrapped, massaged, showered from head to toe at Waitaha Day Spa and while this didn’t quite top my handsome boy’s words and my emerald engagement ring, it came pretty darn close!

Whether you’re looking for a bit of love and attention coming into summer, or want to buy a thoughtful gift for your mum or a beloved friend, I’m a firm believer that Waitaha Day Spa should definitely be at the top of your list.

t: 08 9403 3633

Shop 15, Hillarys Shopping Centre
110 Flinders Avenue
Western Australia

Have you been to Waitaha before? What are your favourite spas in Perth? Lets chat in the comments below!

Reviewed by very relaxed and smooth skinned Jade!

Be well,


Beauty Product Review: Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics!

When I think of the ingredients on my shopping list that make my senses a little bit excited, my mind wanders: the fantastic pop of colour carrots add to my summer salads, the unique flour alternatives such as rice flour to mix through home-made muffins or pancakes, and beetroot, which is messy, but oh-so delicious. So you can imagine my surprise when I heard these foods were in the Ere Perez natural cosmetics I was to review! Since they arrived on my door-step, the oh-so delicious products continue to make me that little bit more excited every day.

Natural Rosehip Oil Lipbar – $21.95

I love everything about this product. From the subtle, nude colour, to the way it just glides onto my lips, to the hydrating Rosehip Oil and SPF15 in it. I’ve been using it almost every day, and unlike a lot of lipsticks and glosses, it doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry afterwards, instead they feel nourished and fresh!

Natural Beetroot Cheek and Lip Tint – $29.95

There isn’t much sexier than a flawless face and red lip, and whilst the flawless face may not always be achieved on a day to day basis (unless you’re a Kardashian) a good red lip definitly can be! The Beetroot Cheek and Lip tint is perfect for adding glamour to your lips, however be sure to use it fast, as the tint does begin to soak in immediately and can look blotchy if you don’t apply speedily!

Natural Almond Oil Mascara – $28.95

Whilst I do swear by my L’Oreal mascara, this one is nearly as impressive. It lengthens and separates the eyelashes wonderfully, and also has the added goodness of containing Almond Oil as an extra treat for the lashes.

Natural Tinted Rice Powder – $37.95

I don’t like to wear a lot of make-up however a sweep of bronzer always makes an appearance and Ere Perez has a fabulous bronzer. The Tinted Rice Powder in Rose is perfect for women of all skin tones wanting to add a natural colour to their cheeks or eyes with a chemical-free product, did I mention it’s completely vegan too?!

Natural Carrot Cheek and Lipbalm – $27.95

Small, compact and nourishing, the Natural Carrot Cheek and Lip Balm adds a little bit of uplifting colour to your lips or cheeks for busy days or wine filled nights. I think it’s the ideal product to have in all of your handbags or to give to girlfriends as gifts.

What do you think of these all vegan and natural products? Would you give something like ‘carrot balm’ a go?

Written by Jade, lover of all things rosehip, carrots and a good red lip!

Be well,


The Wonders of Pomegranates: A Three Way Pomegranate Ritual!

If the pomegranate was a woman she would be beautiful, mysterious, extremely healthy and a whole lotta people would ask her to repeat the spelling of her name! So when I was asked to explore the qualities of the elusive Pomegranate I was puzzled and intrigued as to what I would discover.

However after trialling the Wei Pomegranate Buffing Beads, sipping POM Wonderful juice and using pomegranate in my recipes, I feel as though I have met a new exotic, exciting woman who I plan to add to my group of fruit bowl friends (and whose name I will have to practice spelling!)

Pomegranates are the supermodels of the fruit world, envied by all other fruits for having far too many amazing qualities. And not only beautiful are they on the outside but they are beautiful for your insides too.

The red fruit is laden with seeds encased in a vibrant red pulp and bursting with antioxidants, eating the fresh seeds or drinking pomegranate juice boasts the benefits of:

♥ helping keep wrinkles at bay
♥ lowering cholesterol and blood pressure
♥ good for diabetics
♥ keeping teeth and bones strong
♥ helpful for fertility and menopause
♥ flavoursome and colourful in smoothies and salads
♥ being a rather delicious snack!

This is why I’ve created a ritual around my new and beautiful friend, the Pomegranate.

For so long whilst perusing the fruit and veg section of the supermarket I would notice the oddly shaped POM Wonderful bottle sitting amongst the fresh dates and containers of chocolate dipping sauce for fruit (which by being placed next to strawberries makes it feel oddly healthy I find, what about you?).

I finally decided to purchase a bottle the other day and may have formed a slight addiction to the liquid ever since. POM Wonderful is a peculiar mixture of sweet and sour but makes you want to take sip after sip. It’s made up of 100% Pomegranate Juice and has all-natural ingredients, no added sugar or artificial additives. I’ve found it to be a perfect post-beach drink to banish the cringe worthy taste of beach water and to help rehydrate my exhausted body.

Next in my pomegranate ritual is the Wei Pomegranate Buffing Beads. To add to the beach discussion, exfoliating with the Wei pomegranate buffing beads is like taking a swim in the ocean. You finish feeling clean and refreshed. The product is made up of finely milled pomegranate peels and round delicate beads that “buff away dead skin to encourage the growth of fresh new cells and reveal the brighter, younger skin trapped underneath”.

By adding the buffing beads to my everyday cleanser I found I received the feeling of a beneficial sand exfoliating away all of my day’s unwanted nasties and excess skin cells (which is vital in this current ongoing heat!).

Last but not least the pomegranate in its’ purest form. Whilst the fruit as declared previously has so many positive qualities the only negative I found was it’s popularity, I couldn’t find them in stock anywhere! Finally the lovely Annette heard through the grapevine that the pomegranates were hiding out in Jacks Wholefoods and Groceries in Claremont Quarter so I got down there quickly and finally purchased a few (along with a coconut water and goji berries, plus mixed nuts from liquorice on my way out!).

I cut the fruit in half, squeezed both halves into a bowl (you may have to use your muscles for this part) and proceeded to try with a teaspoon. Like the POM juice they are sweet but tart but also have the extra crunch from the seeds.

When considering how to introduce pomegranate into a home-cooked recipe a foodie friend told me she had a bruschetta with mushrooms, ricotta and topped with pomegranates at The Garden in Leederville however I decided to take the sweet route for my first pomegranate inspired meal.

Pomegranate Breakfast Sundae

Method: In a glass I dripped honey down the sides for colour (and not because I could eat honey all day every day!) and then layered Margaret River creamy pot set vanilla yogurt (but you can use your yogurt of choice, the rich and delicious yogurt from the stall in the Subiaco Markets would work perfectly too) with pomegranate seeds, before topping the glass of goodness with the excess seeds and juice.

This recipe is so versatile and so many other delicious treats can be added! If I was wanting a more filling breakfast I would add my favourite muesli between the layers, you could also add peach or banana between the layers, or for a special treat substitute the yogurt for a thickened cream sweetened with honey, agave syrup or a touch of cinnamon and mix through some crushed up meringue (I know what I’ll be craving for dessert tonight!).

Written by Jade and inspired by her new best friend the Pomegranate.

Be well,