Inner & Outer Beauty Review: Q-Silica Capsules, Face Mist, Hand Cream & Makeup and Grime Cleansing Gel!

We are lucky to live in an age where so many of the world’s natural secrets have been revealed. With super foods, unique vitamins and minerals, an abundance of yoga and fitness possibilities, luxurious hair treatments and tasty facial scrubs we are now able to incorporate these secrets into our lives to help us become the best possible version of ourselves. Silica is a secret I’ll pass on to you. It is a scientifically researched ingredient for healthy skin, hair, nails and connective tissue and I was lucky enough to try it in many different forms over the past month.

QSilica Capsules (Vegetarian)

I started taking these capsules during a warm and wonderful trip to Bali. A month later my skin still feels smooth, with no blemishes and has a tanned glow. It is difficult to say whether this is completely due to the benefits of the QSilica capsules, or a little owing to my normal skin care routine, however I have definitely noticed that my skin is smoother and more resilient to the changing weather. In the hair and nails department I haven’t observed a drastic difference (this could be to only taking them for a month so far), but my nails and hair still feel healthy and strong (hair perhaps a little frizzy due to wind, but sadly Silica can’t fix this ladies!).

REHYDRATE Energising Facial Mist

I recommend this product as a must have this summer. The light energising facial mist contains silica and aloe vera to aid in calming the skin. I used this in Bali and it became part of my group’s routine to spray this on our faces as we collapsed in our seats after a long day and ordered a fresh mixed juice. Just like the juice it will help refresh and cool you down on a scorching day!

REPAIR Strengthening Hand and Nail Cream

This is a fantastic hand cream to smother on your hands at night and massage into your well-deserving cuticles.

I found it perhaps a little too thick to use as an everyday hand cream as it left my hands feeling slightly sticky (only slightly!) but after I used it for the week my hands did feel smoother and cuticles much healthier.

REMOVE Makeup and Grime Cleansing Gel

This light gel was the perfect end to a long day and maximised the results of taking the Silica capsules for my skin! As I don’t wear a lot of make-up, this light gel worked wonders to cleanse, tone and freshen my skin leaving it feeling clean and smooth. After massaging in rose hip oil and settling down with a herbal tea (Spiced Red Fruits by The English Teashop is my current fav, tastes like hot jelly crystals) my skin has been the best it has in years.

Tell me… have you tried silica for skincare before? I would love to hear anyone else’s experience with this wonder mineral, so leave a comment below!

Written by Jade Jurewicz, new lululemon educator and summer daydreamer (bring back sunshine, mango smoothies and the beach!)

Be well,


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