Wellness on the Coast With Cloud Nine Yoga!

Have you always wanted to try yoga but were too nervous, self conscious or worried you'd be the inflexible, giggling goonie in the back row? Thought that because you can't touch your toes, or sit cross legged, you can't possibly meditate? Or maybe you're skeptical of this whole conscious breathing thing? ….. Well Hayley from Cloud Nine Yoga will make you feel right at home, from the very first class.

Yoga is for every body. The stiff ones, injured ones, pregnant ones, young and old ones, the ones who can't sit still, the ones who love to sweat, and the ones who would sometimes rather stay on the couch. Whatever your reason for being interested in yoga, (or yoga being interested in you!), you will find something in a Cloud Nine Yoga class which touches you. It might be the physical practice – which can be tailored to your body on the day, and is different every class. You might find something special in the simple observation of your breath. Or maybe it's those ten minutes at the end of every class, where you get to just BE.

At Cloud Nine Yoga, Hayley acknowledges that we are all beginners. The practice of yoga is constantly evolving with the changes in our lives, and with a vibrant sense of humor, she will safely guide you through different vinyasa sequences (postures which flow with the breath), and leave you feeling nourished but strong, vibrant and relaxed.

Other benefits of a regular practice include;

♥ Improved sleeping habits
♥ Increased vitality, flexibility & strength
♥ Greater internal awareness & general wellbeing
♥ Improved posture & balance
♥ Improved digestive, respiratory & eliminatory function

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♥ True relaxation & a real sense of calm

Cloud Nine Yoga offer casual / drop in classes in the northern coastal suburbs of Ocean Reef, Mullaloo and Mindarie, and a Beginners Course too. Perfect for those who've dared not to do a general class before, or those who have stepped away from the mat for a while, the 4 week course is a basic introduction into postures, breath and relaxation, and will give you the confidence to join a regular class and the insight into what yoga really is for you.

Hayley is a proud alumni ambassador for lululemon Karrinyup and has enjoyed leading inspiring complimentary classes for guests and educators for over 12 months.

She is also proud to have attracted LA based, heart inspiring teacher Jo Tastula to teach at her oceanside Mullaloo studio on Tuesday April 16 for a one off special vinyasa class. Only a few spaces remain for this class and bookings are essential (hayley@cloudnineyoga.com.au or 0410 648 956).

Casual classes at Cloud Nine Yoga are $17 or a 5 class pass is $80.

Term 2 runs from May 6 – June 25 (8 weeks) and the full timetable is available on the website: www.cloudnineyoga.com.au

If this sounds like it's for you, get in touch with Hayley!

Ph: 0410 648 956
Email: Hayley@cloudnineyoga.com.au
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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cloud-Nine-Yoga/210763840042

This is a sponsored post, as always though, we will only bring you posts with content we think you will find relevant & inspiring!

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