2012, Work on Myself.

Merry New Year! 2012 is finally here and there is so much that I’d like to squeeze out of it, so I thought I’d share my goals with you, and I would love to hear your goals as well 🙂

Main Goals

Develop my sense of style

When I was younger I had a pretty ‘interesting’ sense of style, I loved (and spent a lot of time) op shopping and putting together crazy outfits and would have a lot of fun wearing them. These days I tend to stick to a play-it-safe combo of jeans, teeshirt & converse shoes which, while comfortable, doesn’t totally showcase my best features or inspire much girly confidence. I plan to develop a killer selection of dresses and skirts that will allow me to try being a bit more feminine and fun with my style 🙂

Learn GHD waves / how to use a hair curler

I’ve never been able to create pretty wavy hair with a heat styling tool, this year I’d love to be able to mix that into my very limited hair styling repertoire!

Work on my posture

Sitting at the computer for long periods of time means my posture needs some work, I plan to do lots of yoga and stretching, plus get regular massages to help keep my back and shoulders nice and relaxed.

Find 2 new pairs of jeans I love

For some reason this is hard for me, I’m going to try and manifest some perfect jeans into my life this year! 😉

Go on a yoga retreat

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, head somewhere quiet for the weekend eat delicious wholesome food and practice a lot of yoga. This is the year!

Learn to swing dance

A few friends of mine swing dance, and they LOVE it! It looks like so much fun and I think taking up dancing again will be fantastic for my wellbeing and fitness.

Be the best in my class at school

Given that I haven’t studied for about 10 years, I’m pretty nervous and incredibly excited about going back to school to study Public Relations. I am however very motivated to do well in the course and I aim to study my derriere off in order to achieve this goal.

Spend time with one friend I haven’t seen for a while each week

This one is pretty self explanatory! I have so many fantastic people in my life, as I’m sure we all do, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to catch up or easier to spend time with your ‘usual’ friends. This year I’m going to reach out to those I haven’t seen in a while and rekindle some friendship flames.

I have more, but those are the main ones! I would love to hear your goals for the year, or what you think of mine!

Be well,




  1. Jade Jurewicz says:

    I share so many of these goals! Posture improving- tick, yoga retreat- tick (a girl can dream!), do well at school- tick, spend time with friends- tick, swing dancing…… not a tick but it could be interesting! And I’ve semi mastered the curls/waves on a GHD however this is only on a sometimes basis! Very good 2012 goals 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    Great post Annette! I’ve written down my goals for 2012 as well, not sure if I’ll blog them yet though but you’ve given me some more great ideas!