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Five Favourite Workouts at Fitness First!

Having been a member of Fitness First gym since 2008, I’ve had ample time to try out the various classes and workout options available, and have found some winners over the past few years.

I first joined the gym for the great range of Les Mills classes on offer, mostly because I had no idea what I was doing but they were a lot of fun and the instructor managed to keep me motivated for an entire hour! Since then, there are a few classes I’ve continued to go back to.

Body Pump

A favourite of mine because it allows you to build muscle strength and tone while also working on your general fitness. A pump class works your entire body using weighted barbells, focusing on a different muscle group with each track. If you’re thinking of trying pump for the first time I would suggest sticking with light weights for the entire session because you’ll definitely feel it for the next couple of days, but stick with it and you won’t regret it! I recommend exercising with weights at least 2-3 times a week to see noticeable results.

Body Attack

Another class I’m a regular at, Body Attack, provides an intense cardio work out – and trust me when I say your heart will be racing for the entire hour! I find this class to be a great complement to my running because it combines aerobic, agility, interval and strength training in the one class. This class works you damn hard but is highly addictive!

Body Balance

When I want to turn down the pace and have a more mindful workout I like to go to Body Balance, which combines techniques from tai chi, yoga and pilates and ends with a meditation. Bliss!

Goin’ Solo

I also like to work out individually when I’m not going to a class. Fitness First have a great selection of equipment and my local even has a women’s workout room if you prefer a bit of privacy. I like to alternate between working my upper body and my lower body, with a bit of cardio in between.

An example of an upper body workout I would do includes back exercises using the lat pulldown machine, the seated row machine and barbells for dead lifts; then working my biceps and triceps using the barbells and cable machine.

For a lower body workout I would start with squats and lunges using the squat rack and dumbbells, followed by the leg press machine and dead lifts, and finishing with abdominal work.

Before each workout I warm up with a bit of cardio – I love the cross trainer for this; and I like to end my upper body workout with a good run on the treadmill.

♥ Liz is one of the lovely PT's at Fitness First in Subiaco

There are always personal trainers around to answer questions, help with equipment and give you training tips (you can even ask them about the exercises or machines I’ve mentioned if any of it sounds like jibberish!). You can also arrange a one-on-one session with a personal trainer for more inspiration. Winter is the perfect time of year to get into a healthy routine, and going to a class or personal training session is great motivation.

Do you have a favourite work out you enjoy? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Written by Alice – fitness lover who is already getting excited for the return of summer!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, Alice is a paying member of Fitness First & all experiences are her true thoughts! 🙂

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Trail Run Review: The Coastal Trail – Lucky Bay to Hellfire Bay… Almost!

Change, transition, and moving are all tough. There are certainly elements of them that provide a sense of excitement, but often these expected and unexpected life events can leave us feeling a little less in control and without energy and motivation to get out the door and move our bodies.

What’s your Therapy?

I have moved a lot in my life and the one thing that I can always count on to ground me in any new surrounding is running. In my books running is like therapy, some of my worst moods have been turned around after a 30min trail run, some of my best ideas after a long run along a river and some of my best connections with friends have been made on a single-track trail. I love running, pure and simple.

Moving to Western Australia was quite the change for this Canadian Rocky Mountain girl and regardless of how open and prepared I was to this change my body was sure feeling the effects of an energy zapping transition. So I turned to the trails to lift my spirits and get a bit of that spark back I had been longing for.

I have always believed the best way to fall in love with a new place is to go for a run. We did just that in Esperance, WA when we ran from Lucky Bay to Hellfire Bay (well almost to Hellfire Bay) . Not only was this my first time in WA, but it was also my first time running in WA!

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The white sand contrasting with the clear blue ocean and then punctuated by the red rock was a spectacle that I don’t think I could quite comprehend at the time and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to experience other than with a trail run.

Nothing could have prepared me for that piece of humble pie as I realised right then and there I was so lucky to have this experience and the health and fitness to experience such a place on a run.

What helps you gain perspective?

Energy restoring and grounding run? Mission Accomplished!

The best part about finishing this run aside from the runners high was jumping in the crystal clear water and then having a hot solar heated shower! Heaven!

A few technical tid-bits about this trail!

Trail Name: The Coastal Trail
Total Distance: approx. 15 km one way, but we did 7.5 out and back
Where we started: Lucky Bay Camp Ground
Where we turned around: Just past Thistle cove
Type of Trip: Out and Back
Type of Surface: Trail

More Information on this trail can be found here!

Do you have a favourite trail run in WA? What motivates you to run? We'd love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below!

Article by Brooke Darlington, Canadian gal turned Aussie lover, check her out at Mountain Girl Meets Surfboard!

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Yoga Review: Pop Up Yoga at The Yoga Fine, Murray Street / 140 William, Perth CBD!

I recently started a new job in the CBD and boy, life has definitely changed up a gear! I love my job, but lately I’ve found stress getting the better of me, and I’ve been feeling the physical effects of sitting at a desk from 9 to 5. What is a hard working city gal to do?!

Enter The Yoga Vine, with a super convenient pop-up location next to The Aviary at 140 William Street in the Perth CBD. Classes are held in what looks like a newly renovated office space, which works really well, as the area is open and full of natural light. I attended one of their 45 minute lunchtime classes, and at the bargain-basement price of $10 a session, forget picking up a toasted turkish and use your lunch money for this instead! The website asks participants to bring their own mats, though on the day I attended our lovely instructor Amanda brought a few extras along.

We started with some breath work, moved into sun salutations and then into several trikonasana poses. These sequences really called on my hips and hamstrings, and after a long morning at my desk, it felt amazing to stretch them out. To finish, we practiced some balance poses, and ended in savasana (always a crowd favourite!).

I was a bit worried that I would return to work in the mood for a snooze, but I found the exact opposite- I felt invigorated and fresh- and had a super productive afternoon! I really liked that the class seemed to be tailor-made for office workers, including poses accessible to beginners and experienced yogis alike. I would wholeheartedly recommend Yoga Om to anyone with the ability to attend- not only does it offer the opportunity to include yoga into your exercise routine (or to try it for the first time!), it’s the perfect midday pick-me-up before heading back to the office to meet that 3.30pm deadline.

Classes also run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings in the William Street location, and The Yoga Vine offer a number of other public classes in North Perth and Osborne Park. Visit for more information.

Is anyone excited to give these classes a try? How do you use your lunch break to maximise your wellness? Let me know in your comments below!

Article by Katie, a corporate green smoothie lover and yoga newbie.

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Wellness on the Coast With Cloud Nine Yoga!

Have you always wanted to try yoga but were too nervous, self conscious or worried you'd be the inflexible, giggling goonie in the back row? Thought that because you can't touch your toes, or sit cross legged, you can't possibly meditate? Or maybe you're skeptical of this whole conscious breathing thing? ….. Well Hayley from Cloud Nine Yoga will make you feel right at home, from the very first class.

Yoga is for every body. The stiff ones, injured ones, pregnant ones, young and old ones, the ones who can't sit still, the ones who love to sweat, and the ones who would sometimes rather stay on the couch. Whatever your reason for being interested in yoga, (or yoga being interested in you!), you will find something in a Cloud Nine Yoga class which touches you. It might be the physical practice – which can be tailored to your body on the day, and is different every class. You might find something special in the simple observation of your breath. Or maybe it's those ten minutes at the end of every class, where you get to just BE.

At Cloud Nine Yoga, Hayley acknowledges that we are all beginners. The practice of yoga is constantly evolving with the changes in our lives, and with a vibrant sense of humor, she will safely guide you through different vinyasa sequences (postures which flow with the breath), and leave you feeling nourished but strong, vibrant and relaxed.

Other benefits of a regular practice include;

♥ Improved sleeping habits
♥ Increased vitality, flexibility & strength
♥ Greater internal awareness & general wellbeing
♥ Improved posture & balance
♥ Improved digestive, respiratory & eliminatory function

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♥ True relaxation & a real sense of calm

Cloud Nine Yoga offer casual / drop in classes in the northern coastal suburbs of Ocean Reef, Mullaloo and Mindarie, and a Beginners Course too. Perfect for those who've dared not to do a general class before, or those who have stepped away from the mat for a while, the 4 week course is a basic introduction into postures, breath and relaxation, and will give you the confidence to join a regular class and the insight into what yoga really is for you.

Hayley is a proud alumni ambassador for lululemon Karrinyup and has enjoyed leading inspiring complimentary classes for guests and educators for over 12 months.

She is also proud to have attracted LA based, heart inspiring teacher Jo Tastula to teach at her oceanside Mullaloo studio on Tuesday April 16 for a one off special vinyasa class. Only a few spaces remain for this class and bookings are essential ( or 0410 648 956).

Casual classes at Cloud Nine Yoga are $17 or a 5 class pass is $80.

Term 2 runs from May 6 – June 25 (8 weeks) and the full timetable is available on the website:

If this sounds like it's for you, get in touch with Hayley!

Ph: 0410 648 956
Email: – sign up for our newsletter!

This is a sponsored post, as always though, we will only bring you posts with content we think you will find relevant & inspiring!

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Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Xtend Barre Adventures, Hillary's Wellness Expo & Organic Peppermint Tea!

Welcome to another jam packed edition of Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes! This is seriously such a fun segment for me to put together, and I would love to hear from you if you have any crushes that you think we might like to check out!

Xtend Barre @ Sense of Space in Subiaco

Ok, where to start with this one! A friend and I are currently on a mission to become fitness babes by ramping up our exercise routine, and this was the first cab off the rank. After seeing videos of Xtend Barre online, we approached our post-Easter class with nervousness and excitement.

2 minutes into the warmup, huffing and puffing, we both looked at each other with a fearful smile, we wanted to ramp it up, and this is what we got. 60 minutes of leg toning, butt shaping, ab firming, bicep workin' goodness, all mixed with fun tunes, loads of variation and the promise that you'll feel it for the next few days (this is a good thing!). I can also tell you that not everyone is coordinated, not everyone is perfect at all the moves, and – no one is worried! You just do your best.

The instructor (Kavan) was really lovely and we'll be going back weekly to see if we can improve on our first attempt 😉 Check out Sense of Space online, they have loads of times available!

Hillary's Wellness Expo

Wellness lovers rejoice! The Hillarys Wellness Expo is back! It's a free event held this weekend at Hillarys Boat Harbour on Fri 5th, Sat 6th and Sun 7th April, and features a tribe of health and spiritual practitioners as well as stalls specialising in recycled, sustainable, natural and organic products. There's also a Mongolian yurt on site and many free children’s activities.

Exhibitors include psychics, intuitive midwives, psychosomatic therapists, crystal readings, meditation sessions, plus loads and loads of health stalls. If you're free this weekend make sure you check it out!

Organic Peppermint Tea

Ah peppermint tea, how I love you! Throw organic into the equation and we're verging on soulmates. A really interesting thing has happened… ever since I've started drinking peppermint tea and rosehip tea (not at the same time!) each day, my skin has become exceptionally clear. They're both touted as super skin loving drinks, so I'm going to keep up with this experiment of sorts and hopefully keep enjoying clearer skin.

Have you ever tried Xtend Barre? Have you found peppermint tea or rosehip tea to be great for your skin? I'd love to talk about this with you, so leave me a comment below!

Be well,

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