Beauty Treatment Review: Diamond Flower Peel at Willow Advanced Beauty Therapy, Jindalee, Perth.

The Diamond Flower Peel system at Willow Advanced Beauty Therapy in Jindalee is a first for Perth, and the buzz that it’s generated is considerable. As something of a microdermabrasion novice (I’ve had it done, without really knowing what it was), it took me a little puzzling to clarify the difference between regular microdermabrasion and DFPS – in layman’s terms, the material that comes in contact with the skin is organically sourced, thus gentler, and comes in three options: Lavender for sensitive skin, Rose for older or dehydrated skin, and Tea Tree for oily or acne prone skin.

Lauren (my ultra friendly beautician and proprietor) recommended Lavender for my oily, sensitive skin – she also explained that depending on my skins response to this session, we could switch to Tea Tree in a later session.

The options are based on more than scent, though – the small, airborne particles in the microdermabrasion handset are also derived from the plant chosen, meaning that everything going on your face is naturally derived – and hygienic, the particles are ejected and collected in a waste chamber on the machine.

The treatment commences much like a normal facial – a deep cleanse, toning, light exfoliation, then the microdermabrasion. Lauren used a tool that was similar to a narrow air chamber with a suction nozzle on the end – the idea being that a circle of skin is gently sucked into the air chamber, where the flying particles within remove the dead layer of skin and polish the new layer beneath. Afterwards Lauren put a mask on me, massaged me (I’ve had shoulder massages and hand massages, but I had NO IDEA arm massages were so good) and applied serum, eye cream and moisturiser. It’s roughly a one hour session, in a low-lit room, under a heated blanket. And yes, it was just as awesome as it sounds.

We’d ascertained fairly early that I was far more touch-sensitive than product sensitive, so I emerged rather pink – but my skin felt really plump and refreshed, and I was extremely mellow all the way home. You really can’t overestimate the wellbeing you get from just an hour of being tended to – massage, facial, whatever. Once my skin had paled back out, over the next few days I noticed how easily makeup slid on and stayed put, and how much more easily it removed. My face felt and looked – tighter, and had more of an even tone than it usually does.

Microdermabrasion traditionally takes place over a set number of courses, and I can only imagine the results after a full six. This is a process I’d absolutely be happy to do a full row set of when my skins looking dull – beyond brightening and lifting the skin, it’s a full on sensory luxury. Visit Lauren in the Jindalee clinic for a similarly blissed out experience.

Lauren has also extended a Microdermabrasion special to Wellness WA readers – book in for a six-session run and pay $540, a hefty saving of $210

Add a product infusion treatment to the procedure and pay $700, saving $380. This is good stuff, kids. Give them a call on 9562 7362 and tell em Wellness WA sent you.

Review by Suzanne from Don’t They Know Who I Am?

Do you like the look of this treatment? Fancy having some flowers on your face? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Omg I need to find a salon that does this. I’m a fan of microdermabrasion and a more natural version makes it so much cooler!!

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