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Werepire Day

Well well, Summer is officially here. The air is thick, and we’ve been playing and recording accordingly. “Daysiezer”, the in progress cheap jerseys china follow up to “Redefiner”, is coming along at Earth Analog Studios in Tolono, IL with our friend Matt Talbott at the controls. We’re about halfway done with the basics and some overdubs on the first half of the record. The second half will proceed in the near future, and we’re hoping to bring this into the world sometime this Fall!

In the meantime, the chances to see us have been plentiful, and they are continuing (check the Shows section). In fact, the next opportunity to catch Werepire Day will be this Friday at Firehouse Pizza wholesale cheap jerseys in Normal with The Forecast, Dripping Slits, and Modus Aurora. That’s a doozy! It will be interesting as well, as it will be the first Werepire Day set featuring cheap nfl jerseys china entirely different humans standing/sitting next to/behind me. We’ve (relatively) long rotated in different drummers, schedule and circumstance cheap jerseys china depending, but this will be the first instance where Bri Guy will not be holding down the low end. Rather, Landon R. will be playing the bass and possibly helping with some background vocals. Along with Ryan T. on the drums, this will be a slick (and nervous?) Werepire Day, injecting a little more speed into some of our songs. Please come out, and consider heckling these new (and recently new) members of the gang!Articles Connexes:

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