Beauty Product Review: Black Chicken Remedies!

In my late twenties, I knew I had to go beyond a simple moisturiser at bedtime to stop the fine lines sneaking on to my face like plump skin thieves of the night. The opportunity to review a newcomer to the serum scene was an automatic yes, as I continued my plight to preserve any semblance of youthful skin.

Chey Birch created the Black Chicken Remedies’ products as a natural, paraben free alternative to high end moisturisers and anti ageing serums. Being a regular swimmer, it was hard to find something that effectively replenished the moisture in her skin. So, as you do, Chey created her own!

I was in the same boat. Getting back into a fitness regime included hitting the pool a couple of times a week and there’s nothing like a dose of chlorine to make your skin feel 10 years older. I tried the Love Your Body Oil ($69) and Love Your Face Serum ($79).

The body oil was moisturising and my dry skin lapped most of it up, but it did leave an oily residue on my skin that took a while to sink in. The ingredient list (including avocado oil, rosehip oil, hazelnut oil, coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and a host of essential oils) was appealing and the resulting fragrance was pleasant and sweet, but quite strong.

The serum was heavenly. I used it every night for two weeks and was really pleased with condition of my skin following. The fragrance surprised me after using the body oil as it was much more subtle and almost earthy, unlike the heavily scented serums I’ve used previously. As the packaging suggested, the product absorbed straight into the skin and instantly made my face feel silky.

If you haven’t already invested in a serum, I highly recommend this one. It’s delicious and it works!

Read more or order the products online from Black Chicken’s website

Do you suffer dry skin after swimming? If you have a favourite product or serum to combat dry skin, please share with me!

Review by Lisa O’Neill.

Be well,